Well, it's still not fixed!

(This is my cat Misha givin' me a bit of "poo face"this morning.)

Can't get the freakin' banner up there! Was even talkin' with my good friend Tanya from Flauxers who's an expert in HTML. I did everything she had suggested, but to no avail. Although that's *probably* because I wasn't following exact instructions because I'm bad that way. (Just ask my mom)

Although I couldn't spend as much time with her as I would have liked, due to the fact that I started talking with her just before 10pm, and I hadda be up at 430am! Not a good mix.

So hopefully later on today maybe, if she has a chance, we can take another shot at it! But hey, if it doesn't work, that's okay I suppose! It was just a big ass daisy. I just liked it is all. Poo. Wasn't it pretty???

As for other things on the go, I finished another card last night! Joyeux Noel. Sounds nice and pretty. HA! Well, atleast this one's not rude (actually, it's the only card of mine that my Mom likes...) Anyhoo, scanned that in last night, printed them out, now I just gotta make 'em! Which I will do after I start making chili! Mmmm.. chili.. It's the perfect meal for a diabetic lemme tell ya! (and I *can* tell you because I *am* diabetic!) And I figured, get the meal outta the way now so the hubby can't complain that he's starving as soon as he gets home from work, but isn't patient enough to wait until I cook something, so he starts cooking something and then I feel bad because I'm the one home all day and he's the one working his ass off and.. Okay that's long enough. :)

Okay so, game plan - Make Chili. -Make cards and take pictures of them. -List cards. And at some point, take the dog for a poo. (Hadn't mentioned 'poo' in a while, thought it was due. Hey, did I ever mention that one day I searched as to how people are finding my blog, one person searched for "how to get a dog poo stain out of a silk shirt" and got my blog?! I laughed and I laughed... Well hey, it's exposure. Hmm.. what *else* can I talk about that will get people viewing my blog?!)

Have a freakin' great Monday kids!!!


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