EB January Feature - Nico Designs


Hello all my lovelies! I hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday night. I for one just want to go to bed. BUT since it's the last day of January, and I have yet to write my EtsyBloggers blog feature (I am SO behind this month!) I'm not yet going to bed. Which is probably a good idea, since it's not even 6pm.

So, I'd like everyone to meet Erika!!

Erika runs NicoDesigns on Etsy and has been a member since December 2008. Erika sews for sanity due to all the years being a Behaviour Specialist and Special Education Teacher! She makes darling dolls, adorable pin cushions, fashionable diaper bags and wonderful totes!

At Nico Designs, every product is created with design, style and functionality in mind! They strive to make products that are eco-friendly by utilizing a combination of new, repurposed, recycled or upcycled materials.

You can find Erika's wonderful blog at DesignsByNico and fan her fabulous Facebook FanPage!

With every purchase, Nico Designs donates a portion to her local Ronald McDonald house, and to the MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston in memory of Chloe. Chloe, the daughter of Erika's close neighbours, died at the age of 7 due to cancer.

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing all the amazing products by NicoDesigns! Congrats Erika for being EtsyBloggers January Feature!

Do you ever get the feeling...

That you're being watched??

The wonderful thing about snowflakes

Is that no 2 are the same.

But really, who's to know that? Is there someone checking every single snowflake? I think not :) Even snowflakes can have a doppelganger!

So I'm finally resurfacing!! Isn't that amazing? hehe. I've been neglecting ze poor blog. But, luckily EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival is due tonite! And of course, I'm leaving it for the last minute hehe. And if you haven't guessed already, one of the questions pertains Snowflakes!

The question posed by Aliciamae is "Snowflakes - your favourite way to make them, or your favourite item on Etsy featuring them".

Since I don't exactly make snowflakes (unless it's a rude snowflake), I'm choosing to show my absolutely favourite snowflake items on etsy!! Are you ready?!

I couldn't choose. But they're all from the same artist, Urska aka Urssika. Urska and I met when she posted a question in the forums, although I have no clue what the forum was about! But I went to her shop and saw she was from Ljubljana, Slovenia!! My homeland! Well, not technically mine I suppose, since I wasn't born there, but most of my family was! We started talking immediately after that, and already have plans for her to be my Slovenian tour guide when I go visit my parents this summer! :)

So yes, Urska makes my absolutely favourite snowflake items on Etsy! All of her jewellery is gorgeous!

Finally I'm back again! lol

Finally, I'm back again lol. I've been quite busy lately, but have had the itch to blog. It's amazing how I can fall out of the routine of blogging once I've had a break. So now I have to force myself to blog before too much time passes and I forget about it all together!

I knew I've needed to blog... Poor Reggie (President of My Craft Corner).. I've been helping out a bit with the site and to keep eachother updated on what I've been doing and should be doing, we send short little emails back and forth. Well, hers are short little emails. Mine turn into 2 page mystery novels apparently. And why the mystery? Well, how in the world do I tangent from twitter to poop is beyond me. I must have some wicked talent. Too bad I can't get paid for that.

So to save her from reading through running paragraph after running paragraph just to find out if I did what I was supposed to, I thought hey, maybe it's time to blog again! I mean, I have enough to update about now! Yeesh. Sorry Reggie!

And what am I updating?? I've actually *listed something* in my Etsy! I still had the Christmas cards up for quite some time, but thought huh.. Maybe it's time to take those down! So all I had left in there was a couple of swiffer cloths, dusting mitts and a sad ol' bathmitt lol. I have so many projects on the go, yet nothing is complete, and I really gotta get off my ass and complete atleast ONE thing. I decided to do something relatively quick, just to put my shop back on the market. At Reggie's suggestion, I made Mothers Day cards! Yes, you may feel like that's a bit early, but hey, retail stores do it dammit! But then again, where the crap are my Valentines and St. Patty's Day and Easter Cards? Hmm.. Haven't drawn those up yet!

These Mother's Day cards don't have a bit of "Sass" in them, but hey, I can't be sassy to the Moms! Well, I could hehe.. But I won't! I also listed one other card just to hop on the "Owl" trend train, although who knows if there's still an owl trend??

And what else have I been working on? My next magazine spread! Which reminds me, I still have to show my first one! Okay I just took pics of the pages - keep in mind they're not the greatest images! I'm taking pics of the magazine on the floor with no flash. Ya, I think I need a scanner! Plus well, it's before 6am - I've been up since 315am and am currently on my second extra large Tim Hortons coffee, and well, I'm ready to go back to bed. So please forgive the photography.. I'll start out with the cover that I'm mentioned on! "Kat's Krafts - Holiday Gift bags - Page 39" Woohoo!

First page. You may have to zoom in to actually read it!

Second page! I even have a bio! It's being slightly adjusted for this issue coming out. But I mentioned Etsy!

This magazine is brand spanking new, and its website is girlworks.ca. It's geared towards young girls ages 10-16. The next issue coming out is a January/February issues, and the craft I do is Valentine's Day Frames! Very exciting!

Holy crap I forgot I was writing a blog. Geez, I've lost my mind again! Check one site and all of a sudden I'm checking them all, uploading photos, tweeting, Facebooking, looking through Etsy, looking through MCC, going back to twaitter and getting mad cause it's not tweeting any of the messages, go back to etsy, fan some people on Facebook, then I'm like, oh, blogger's open.. Oh RIGHT I was actually writing something!

How I get anything done is beyond me. Really.

Okay well since I just took a 45 minute break into LaLa Land, I've run out of steam for blogging! Alright all my lovelies, I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday! (I just discovered it was Wednesday actually. I thought it was still Tuesday!) And I promise to keep you updated more often this week! Although it's already Wednesday lol. I'm going to try my best to be back here tomorrow! But don't quote me on that. Hey, maybe all my lovelies can have a "Kat pool" as to whether I actually come back when I say I do! lol. Could be a good way for some of you to make some extra cash!

Bye for now! Off to drink more coffee and probably talk about poop!

Wanna see where I work?!

Good morning all my lovelies!

I'm BACK! Hopefully on a regular basis! It's been hurtin' me not writing my blog for so long, but most days I didn't have the time to even turn on my computer. So I have a lot of catching up to do! But I was completely stuck for what I wanted this post to be about, so I figured since I have so many new additions to my crafting room, and I always wanted to show what my room looks like, I'll do that today!

Oh, but one thing I've been doing regularily is carrying around this little "Great Ideas" booklet everywhere I go and it's quickly filling up! Woohoo! I'm going to have a lot of new things to be listing in my etsy shop soon. Very Excited!

But if I'm going to show you all my workspace, maybe I should take some pics of it? Hmm.. maybe I'll do that now, and then get back to typing! Good idea? Good idea!!

Here we start off with my laptop. And on the screen is this very blog stopped at the point where I said I'd take pictures :) Off to the left is a radio - and I say radio because the cd player skips like crazy and drives me batty and always gets me very upset. So it's a radio. Off to the right is a printer. A stupid printer, but atleast it prints. Most of the time.

Now this is to the left of my radio. You can see a lot of.. crap? around, but hey, we all need to be surrounded by our inspirations, no? And are you wondering what may be in that white cabinet sitting on the desk? Well then, let's take a closer look, shall we?!

It's a photo printer! A stupid photo printer, but it prints. Most of the time. Problem is, at some point it decided to no longer connect to my laptop. It's plugged in at the hub like everything else, but it wants to be difficult. So if I want to actually print something from it, I have to first put the pics on a stick, plug in the stick, and print from there. But the funny thing is, and I say funny sarcastically of course, when I plug the stick into the photo printer, a message pops up on my computer saying "how would I like to view these photos". Hmm.. So the photo printer is just teasing me really. So we'll call it a bastard. On the left side of the bastard are all my camera supplies and attachements. I didn't take a close up of those because I don't want people thinking they need to come over and rob me.

And here's the other side of the white cabinet! Not as exciting as there are no bastards in here, but it does house all my photography books, paper and manuals. Plus my filing system thingy there, everything's colour coded! Now if I could just remember that it's in there, I'd put things in a lot more often instead of stuffing them in my drawer. Hmm..

I've always been in love with Tom and Jerry (or Jasper and Jerry like it originally was - for all us old folks out there who remember that!) And yes, I hate the newer ones where Tom and Jerry just do funny things to eachother as opposed to beating the crap out of eachother. I never once tried to smash my sister with a hammer because of Tom and Jerry thank you very much. So I fully agree with cartoon violence :) I also found these vintage Tom and Jerry cups at one of my favourite places to shop - the antique market! There are quite a few in this general area!

Some more inspiration! Where the Wild things are was one of my all time favourite books as a kid, and no I didn't run out and get these as soon as I heard the movie was coming out! I've had them for years. Although they stopped making them, and I don't have the full set, so now that the movie's out, maybe I can complete it?

I've been in love with Edward Gorey since I can remember, first reading his "Amphigorey" at my aunts house as soon as I learned to read. His GashlyCrumb Tinies were my favourite... so I guess you could call me a bit of a morbid weird kid?? With poems like "A is for Amy who fell down the stairs, B is for Basil assaulted by bears, C is for Clara who wasted away, D is for Desmond thrown out of a sleigh" Brilliant I say! Brilliant!! I'm a huge fan, but I'm sure that was obvious at this point.

This is one of my newest editions to my room. I bought it from Zeropumpkin! I originally bought it for someone else as a Christmas present, but I'm sorry, there's no way I can give up 2 tiny heads in a tiny bottle.

One day I was sick and tired of constantly forgetting which drawer I was storing which supplies, so I wasted some time doing little lables tied on with hemp with little beads. We have "Beads, Stamps, Puppet Supplies, Old art" in the far corner, "Air Brush, Misc. Crafts" in the top left drawer, "Craft Paint" in the middle, "Cork, Magnets, Wood Supplies" in the bottom drawer. Next row we have (I'm sure your incredibly interested with this) "Pens, Pencils, Paper" in that top drawer, "Cross stitch, Crochet" supplies in the middle, and the bottom isn't labeled because it has a record player in it.

Here's the right side of the desk, which you can have a clear view of the stupid printer. Anyhoo, on this side I have "Pencil Crayons, Markers" in the top drawer, "Oil, Acrylics, Watercolour" in the middle drawer, and that bottom drawer isn't labelled either because it has framed pictures of my sisters because she has her junk stored all over the house, even in my closet. Nice. The end cabinet has "Canvas, SketchBooks" and a new addition which I haven't made a new label for, is Printed Photographs!

We're finally off the freakin' desk! Okay so this is to the left of me. I've got the good ol' drafting table with my large canvas at the side, and a shelving unit filled with more beading supplies and more inspiration! The large tote under my drafting table houses all my finished crochet projects, and the laundry basket above it is filled with canvas bags and in each canvas bag is a crochet work in progress! There's a good 15 bags in there right about now. Oy.

So here we are moving across the room. You can see my new lightbox! Weeeee! And all those totes under the table and off to the side? Ya, that's all my yarn. Do ya think I need to stop buying it and maybe start using what I already have? Now there's an idea. In the far corner you can kind of see my soup nazi hee hee, and underneath the table you can also kinda see my frames.. there's a pile standing up between the totes - those are the really large ones, and underneath some totes you can see another pile. (they're all in the white thin boxes). And of course, my newest furniture addition which I was extremely excited for, the desk!! Woohoo! Work space!

And this is what is on the desk - my sewing machine! So very excited. I thought I needed to buy a bunch of basic supplies first, which is why I haven't sewn anything yet, and since my mom was home (who's a sewer herself) I thought we'd go out together and she can show me everything I needed. But did you know that when you open the little compartment in the sewing machine, that it has all your basic supplies?! Whoops. I could have started sewing one heck of a long time ago!

I was practicing my stitches!! That fabric you see will soon be coasters! oooooooaaaaooooo exciting!

Finally we're on the forth wall! That brings me to a question, why is the number 4 spelled four but when it's 4th it's forth? Where does the u bugger off to? Anyhoo, that shelving unit is filled with my reference books at the top, plus all my art folders where I keep all my finished designs in them. Then you'll see my CRICUT machine (love my hubby) with of course, the Edward Gorey cat sitting on it. I also have all my paper, my clear craft keepers with my card supplies in there, and my little sizzix texture boutique thingy (love my hubby even more!) Off to the side there, I've got my tackle box of art supplies, my ribbons, my paper cutter, and underneath those are my irons. Yes, I have 2. My mom left them here for me. One of them I don't know how to use. A little too high tech with all those settings. I don't iron much.

And here I've got my most used supplies - all my glues, stamps, what have you! It seems a bit jumbled, but I swear it makes sense to me. :)

I had to put a close up of this guy who sits on the top of this shelving unit. It's the happiest turtle in the world! He was one of my first puppets years ago. Hee hee. He makes me laugh everytime I look at him!

Alright, so there you have my basic craft room! This is where I spend 80% of my time. The most work I've ever done, with the worst pay I've ever had. But I love it! There are going to be tons of new projects and new ideas going into place really soon, and now that my craft room is organized and set up the way I want it, hopefully I'll be able to accomplish all of that!

I hope you all enjoyed viewing my work room! How does yours compare to mine? Is yours cluttered with inspiration, or incredibly simple and clean?!