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Good morning everyone! I've been waiting for a while to feature this young lady hehe - She was supposed to be my feature last week, but her internet decided to stop working correctly (It was Rogers after all - completely understandable!) But now everything's all good!

Rebecca from CarFarmCreations was one of my first friends I made on Etsy! I was in the chats one night and I had gotten a private message from her asking a photography print question. It was so great to meet a fellow photographer, especially one that was so nice! (on a side note, the only other photographer I had any contact with on Etsy was a real @$ and putting down my work- but I've since met a lot more friendly fellow photographers!) I always have so much fun talking with Rebecca, and I absolutely love all her work! So sit back and relax kids, it's time to meet the etsian behind CarFarmCreations! Keep in mind, all photos are linked directly to their listings on etsy, so click away my friends!

1. Let us know a bit about yourself!

My name is Rebecca and I currently live in South Cayuga, Ontario.

2. When did you start crafting? What/who inspired you to become an artist? Do you do different crafts that just what you sell on etsy?

I have always been crafty, or "artsy fartsy" if you would! It is in my blood. My mom has always been arty and I remember my grandpa drawing, but he was more of a tinkerer! And isn't that just another way of being crafty? So I don't think I really had a choice of being any other way. I dabble in a bit of everything... I paint, I do photography, collage, sculpt, build things, make jewellery, knit (sort of!), doodle, and I used to do hemp necklaces too (way back when). What you see on etsy is only what I have time for at the moment. I would love to have way more, but all in good time I guess.

3. What was the sole purpose of opening your shop?

I needed something for *me*. I needed an outlet. I needed something else to define me. I love being a mom, but I find that as much as we praise the stay at home moms, some people look down on them as well. So, I felt like unless I was wearing 200 different hats (mom, cook, maid, nurse, and wife weren't good enough I guess) that people some how take you as an underachiever. As being unsuccessful. I just really wanted to change that impression. I had always wanted art to be my main profession, and I guess this just gave me the push, and the need, to do more, and *be* more. To prove my worth as woman, and as an artist. I needed to be creative again.

4. How did you decide on a shop name?

I live on a farm we jokingly call "The Car Farm". My fiance bought the farm years before I met him and he had used it primarily for all things 'car'. So, since most of the work I do is here, it felt only right to call my shop "CarFarmCreations".

***********Original art work not for sale. Copyright Rebecca @ CarFarmCreations

5. What is your favourite item to create and why?

I honestly don't have one favourite item. Everything I do becomes my favourite! Like the scarf I just knitted for myself. It will never be sold, and it was really just a test to see if I could knit. But the satisfaction of completing something that I love, makes it my favourite. Well, maybe I have two! Paintings I did while in university. I think they may be my overall favourite things I have done. One is a nude and the other is an image I found of the Iraq War (it was a real night vision photo, the scene and players are the same, I just added my own style). Both were done in oil. But I couldn't just have one thing I would do for the rest of my life, like just paint or just take pictures. I would get bored!

6. What venues do you use to promote your work?

Um, not that many, and not that well! I use Facebook, Twitter, and I just started listing on Artfire (I only have one listing so far). I really have to just get over my networking fears and really get myself out there for the world to see. I like that Artfire is free for 12 listings, but i like Etsy's ease of use. And honestly Twitter is only used when I remember that I have it set up! Facebook is a good way for my friends to see my shop without me forcing it on them, they have the choice whether to fan me and see what I'm doing and get updates on my work. I also have a CarFarmCreations blog!

***************Original artwork not for sale. Copyright Rebecca @ CarFarmCreations

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years concerning your crafting business?

In 5 years my son will be in school, and I will have more time to devote to my art. So even though I am starting slowly, I hope that by the time he is in school, I should really have an established shop, look, and style to call my own. I, like most people I think, would love for my art to be successful. For there to be a place for it.

8. Is there any other information you'd like to share with anyone?

I am always having sales! I tend to display the sale information on my promotional venues like Facebook or Twitter, so it pays to follow/fan me and keep an eye out! I currently have one posted on Facebook right now, so head on over there to check it out. I'm also working on having a contest soon, but not completely sure when I want to have it though. But I will definitely keep everyone posted!

9. Name a few of your favourite things!

When babies giggle, new pens & pencils and all that kind of stuff, art supplies, the smell of a new baby, and the smell after it rains, hugs, compliments, TV, random dancing, getting mail (NOT bills!), museums and art galleries, accents and oh, about a million other things!

10. If you had a super power, what would it be, and why?

Today, I just wish I were fast and organized! But I'd have to say teleporting because my family lives so far away.

Alright everyone, I hope you enjoyed this Tuesdays Feature! Please make sure to stop by Rebecca's Blog, Facebook, Twitter and especially Etsy Shop to take a look, say hey, and follow! She's a great girl and I look forward to getting to know her better!


Car Farm Creations said...

It looks great! Thank you so much again for choosing me as your feature.

Michelle Gartner said...

Hi from Twitter! Love the black and white photo (#2)- I am always sort of envious of people who take really great pictures.

Slumptown said...

love Rebecca's work. Thanks for introducing me to such a talented artist.

Car Farm Creations said...

Thank you slumptown!!!! and thank you too Michelle!

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