Getting back to weird

*gasp* I lost 2 blog followers today LOL.. Hmm.. d'ya think they followed during OWOH and now that's its over and they saw my post and they didn't win that they stopped following? There's an idea! Although, I guess it's a legitimate thing to do! So I can't be too upset about it.

While I LOVE the concept of One World One Heart I'm afraid a few of the players were only in it for the giveaways. While we all love winning things (I won nothing.. *le sigh*) the chance to be introduced to people all over the world is far more exciting. Some people say that's because I'm nosey. I reply by asking them what my name is. Ya that's right. And curiosity hasn't killed me yet :)

Later on today I will be trekking down to the post office to send off the photographs for my 3 lovely winners, Top floor T, The Paper Princess, and PEA! I love PEA's name cause it's fun to yell hee hee.

I've really gotta make more time to blog these days, because I'm driving my hubs crazy. As soon as I pick him up for work I turn into Chatty Kathy and he's looking for my string so he can rip it out. Okay off topic, what I have to do within the next 10 minutes: print off business cards (YES I make my own, and the peeps that throw out homemade business cards can kiss my ass) get rid of my collection of Tim Hortons cups so I can stop knocking them over, and clean up my desk so I can actually work on it later on today. Okay good, I've written it down so now I HAVE to do it.

Oh, and just so everyone's clear, my blog title isn't saying "Getting back to NORMAL" because I never have been :) 

Alright my lovelies! This week I hope to do some much needed catching up on my wonderful EtsyBloggers, amazing MCC features and the rants you all so love. I have a lot of them by the way. Tons. Loads! But, as it always goes, I have all these issues I wanna get off my chest, but as soon as I open the blog window my mind goes blank. So I'll try to write them down, and *then* open blogger. That might help. (Y'know what would also help?? Psychiatric evaluation!) -Although if I do get onna those, my biggest fear might actually come to fruition. Being thrown into a mental ward!

OH! I just remembered one of the reasons I wanted to write a blog *snort* that's good. Something in there is working. Okay I was featured on a blog today! It was an absolutely fantastic surprise!! I recently met Monica through MyCraftCorner (like, this morning recently!) and she creates amazing jewellery and I hafta say, I love the way she photographs some of her jewellery! Anyhoodle, she had written a MCC blog post about her new blog, I went over to check it out and I loved it. She talks about not only her jewellery, but her personal life, and a post which broke my heart was this one: A Dictator's Horror.

Okay I'm off. Lots to do today and don't want the hubs to tsk tsk when he sees my lack of finished product lol. Alright he doesn't really do that, but thinking that keeps me motivated!

Have a fantasticular day my lovelies!

ps I need to get a paying job! And I realized today that I needed to do laundry because I was completely out of underwear.

OWOH has come to a close!

And I've learned a lot. Since this was my first time ever participating in OWOH, I really didn't know what to expect!

But I absolutely loved it! I've met so many fabulous people from around the world, and since I didn't get a chance to visit every blog (it's been onna those months!) I'll definitely keep the list bookmarked so I can continue meeting all you wonderful peeps!

I got an astounding 117 comments on my blog. I'm floored. I've lost about 6 pounds. hee hee. (As it says above the comment box, I dance a jig everytime someone comments!) I do wish I remembered to enter when it started on January 25th, as opposed to like, the last freakin' day, because they I would have had much more time to meet everyone! Ah well, now I know to keep a look out for next year!

And what did I really learn? Well.. I've learned that in order to do a giveaway of 3 pictures in which I ask people to let me know which one is their fave and then at the end I'd do a draw for each picture, I *should* have come up with a better plan to keep track of these comments LOL. Because today, I had to go through every comment, mark down who wanted which picture, and for those who didn't choose I had to randomly put them into one of the 3 catagories, and then I could finally do the thing on each column. Do you know how long that took!?

And just so you know, all the winners were comments numbers 71, 104 and 12, but when they got split into the 3 groups, the ended up being numbers 13, 35 and 7. I would have taken the screen shots of the random number box thingy, but ya, I have no clue how to do that!

So, do you all want to know who got the pics?!

Clematis 8x10 goes to...

The Paper Princess!!!

Rose of Sharon 8x10 goes to...

Smurf Village 8x10 goes to... 

Congrats to the 3 winners!! I'll be writing/contacting you all shortly!! If I don't get a response with your addresses within one week, I'll pick a new winner! Thank you all so much for visiting my blog, I really hoped you enjoyed what you saw, and you'll come again :)

And here's hoping all my lovelies are having a relaxing Family Day. :)

One World One Heart

 Finally! Hello my lovelies, I've been meaning to write this particular blog for about a month now. This post will continue to remain at the top of my blog until February 14th, which is the end of this wonderful Blog Exchange! Let me explain.

One World One Heart is a giveaway event to bring bloggers together from around the world who may ordinarily never meet. It closes the gap of the blog community and enables us to interact, discover new and wonderful people, and in the process, possibly win a prize along the way!

For the full story of OWOH please visit A Whimsical Bohemian

Technically this event started January 25th, so I'm really behind! I was informed of it by Theresa because she thought this was something I'd love to do - And she was right! Yet January 25th came and went and with me having so many different projects on the go, I completely forgot about it. I was SO upset. Then wonderful Stanza asked me if I had heard about it and told me that the date had been extended to add your blog! So of course, that cut-off day was today. Loverly. hehe. Again, been so busy. I'll be writing more blogs about what I've been doing shortly!

But, to get back to OWOH - This event is amazing and I'm so excited that I'm able to participate in it despite being incredibly late! I love finding new blogs to read, meeting new people, and discovering the trials and tribulations others go through in our crazy journeys through life.

So Welcome to my blog! I hope all my new visitors enjoy my odd sense of humour and updates on the projects I work on!

And you're probably all wondering what in the world I'm giving away? Well, the theme of this year's event is "Magic Carpet Ride". I have absolutely nothing that goes along with that lol, but hey, while you're on a "Magic Carpet Ride" you'll be sure to see some pretty flowers, no?

So I'll be giving away 3- 8x10 photos :)

Photo 1 - Clematis

Photo 2 - Rose of Sharon

Photo 3 - Smurf Village

And how do you win these photos? By commenting on this blog post in this format:

Comment about how much you love my blog (LOL - okay fine, that one is optional!)
Your photo choice (Photo 1, 2, or 3)  
Your name, blog link and email address.

One comment per person. All comments must be in by 11:59pm EST February 14th.

The 3 winners will be chosen by on February 15th.

Thank you all so much for stopping by my blog, and I hope you stick around and read awhile :)