Oookay, don't get it!

So, I actually figured out how to change my blog to 3 columns! Very excited! So I'm going along, and adding back in my widgets, and fiddling with the HTML as to the width of the columns, and the margins and %'s and all that good stuff, BUT, my frigging header won't change! So it's still the green background and plain "sassmowthdesigns Adventures in Crafting Land" but i can't put a friggin picture in there! I've tried editing the HTML with the header - and nothing is working. I've searched and searched for everything on the web about adding a header - and i've tried it all. But to no avail. There was even a suggestion to add in the HTML of the picture (that's been uploaded to say, photobucket) but that doesn't work either. So any of you tech savvies out there, what can I do?! lol

In other news, I made 3 more sets of cards, and they're NEW ones this time. (Still working on like, 5 other designs! yeesh) But here's my new creation.. Whaddya think? HA!

Alright so, 3 column blog look okay?? Hope so.. of course twitter isn't working so I can't put my twitter thing on there, and I still have to add back all the other widgets (facebook, fresh picked, things like that) but atleast I was smart enough to write them all down. *GASP* I know! That's not usually something *I* would think of. Who writes things down? Pffft not I! I guess I learned my lesson from not writing down what I was crocheting, and then having to make a second one and being completely clueless.

Alright kids, I'm off to fiddle some more with ze blog. But yes, anyone out there who can help with the html to put my pic back in the header?! Would be *greatly* appreciated!


Car Farm Creations said...

how did you make it 3 columns?

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