And the custom order is done and shipped!

I'm very excited! I've had a lot of projects on the go, a busy holiday weekend (which included my 1st year anniversary!) and on top of it all, I've been horribly sick. Well, not *too* horribly, but any sick is a kick in the ass. I took pictures through the entire process of making these cards, so I thought I'd add them in!

It woulda been cool to get pics of *me* working on them, but a) I'm not Wonderwoman, and b) the dog takes terrible pictures.

This was my first time attempting to cut and score my own cards! I was sick of spending way too much money on pre-scored cardstock with envelopes, so I found myself a *great* company that not only supplies me with cardstock and matching envelopes (for EVERY colour cardstock! woot!) but also packaging supplies, so i feel so professional now! I have clear bags that fit my cards perfectly, and it looks like it came from a store! They also have shipping supplies, and with even more good news - express shipping so it only takes 1-2 days to receive my stuff! No worrying about running out and having to go to every single paper supply store in Burlington/Hamilton and beyond only to come home empty handed to cry.

So, I thought making 4 cards at a time was a lot of work lol. This is a lot more taxing, but I bet it wouldn't be if it was something i did on a more regular basis!

I thought I'd be cute and put a snowman stamp on each envelope. Yeah me!

Even added some pretty Christmas-sy ribbon

And look! See, it's professional! Weeee! Very happy with the results, but I just hope the customer is just as pleased!

Oh okay, so now that I'm done with the show and tell, I have some news for everyone out there who's been frustrated by slow shipping from Canada to U.S. (or overseas to U.S.) I talked to the post office, and basically what's happening is the security of packages going into the States has been upped - so each package is being individually scanned to see what's inside. Which is creating a HUGE backlog to shipping times. So for all the buyers out there, PLEASE be patient! And get your Christmas stuff early! Who knows how much of a crap shoot it'll be next month trying to send everything out. Even express post is taking a lot longer then the guaranteed time. So one good thing for sellers out there, is keep your receipts! If you sent something out express, and it didn't get there on or before the guaranteed date, you get your money back!

Alright folks, already gotta run. It's DINNER time. And then I have a bunch more cards to do! (and on a side note - I would have written this blog a lot sooner, but the internet was down ALL FREAKIN' DAY. Well, until my husband got home and reset the things i don't know how to reset.)

Have a good night everyone! I'll be back tomorrow with my Feature Friday!


Bob said...

You need to figure out the self timer on the Nikon. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you. There's a tripod in the spare room I think. And what's with Cogeco? Or is it the router? Mebbe it's getting old.

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