Big Big BIG News!

Ooh this is a little strange. I just recently switched my blog to the new editing program and it's all different! Dang, another new thing I have to learn.

So I was thinking, why not make Wednesday's special?! So from now on, I'm going to include some "How-To's"... How To Wednesdays!! How does that sound? Now that makes my job here a little harder, because now I have to think about what the heck to 'how to' lol. I'm not going to start one today (since I just thought of this last night) but I think i'll be adding in some really great things. (Stuff you may not even see on either of my Etsy sites!) For example.. How to make puppets! I LOVE puppets, and have made some fast and simple puppets that I'll share with everyone. (No sewing required!). But, until I decide what my first 'How-To" Wednesday will be, I'll give you a link to tide you over! hehe. Head on over to "Instructables" to find a whole bunch of cool things to make! Believe me, it'll keep ya busy!

In other news, I'm having an extra Feature this week! Since I missed out on both last week, I figured what the hey, I'll do a special feature on Thursday and my regular one on Friday to make up for the slack! So make sure you stop in tomorrow to read all about Jenjie!!

Okay can I just say how much I already love this editing program?? See, whenever I linked something before (and when I'd do a feature, I'd be linking every site they mention and every single picture to the etsy site) and the only way to test whether the sites even worked was to publish the post, and click on every single link to make sure it went where I wanted it to. But now! Now when you enter the link, it says "Test this link" so ya click it, and walla! It opens a new window to the link! So now I know they all work *before* I post it! Yippee!!

Alright, now to get back on schedule. So, you may have noticed the title, that there's some Big Big BIG news, yes? Well....

I'm having another giveaway!! 

It will be starting this Saturday, October 31st!! The prize?? Will be a set of 10 Christmas cards! I'll add in pics and choices (because I love giving choices of prizes!) on Saturday. There's going to be a LOT of ways to win! This will specifically be a blog giveaway, which means all comments need to be directed here, unlike my last giveaway. Lemme tell ya it got really confusing when I was trying to keep track of all the entries from all the sites lol. I'll be including 5 venues that you can use to gain entries (Blog, Facebook, Twitter, My Craft Corner and of course Etsy) so you'll have lots of choices even if you don't use all of these. So stay tuned everyone! Make sure you come back here on Saturday, October 31st to read all the info and start piling up those entries!

Okay, I think that's it for now! I may be back later, depending on what goes on today. I lead a very madcap life y'know. Projects and Patience can change on a dime...

Have a great Wednesday!


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