Friday Night Deals!

I was going to wait until after dinner to write this BUT I've had such an incredible response this week that I needed to start early!!! So sit back and relax kids, I've got a lot of great deals, giveaways and incredible people that I'll be introducing to you! (but don't get too comfortable, cause you're gonna need to shop afterwards!!)

I'm going to start off with Giveaways!!

Creative Fly Designz

This blog giveaway gives you a chance to win a unique one-of-a-kind wire and glass beaded crocheted necklace and will be open from today October 23rd and will close November 7th at 10pm, EST.

It's super easy to enter! Just head over to Creative Fly Designz Blog to get all the details! This girl is so creative, I love everything she makes (it's not just jewellery!) So please be sure to check out her Etsy shop as well - you're going to need to anyways to enter her blog contest, so you may as well get a head start!

White Flag Designs

I so love White Flag's products! My fave is still the glow in the dark brain soap! So here's the deal with her blog giveaway.. Once White Flag Designs Blog ("The White List") has reached 100 followers, she's going to assign all the followers a number (based on the order they followed at) and use to choose the winner. And the winner will win... "A Priority Mail flat rate box, size small, full of stuff. From my Etsy shops stuff, not just random stuff I found under my bed (unless you want that kind of stuff, idk). Stuff like soaps, lip balms, solid scents (all vegan, mind you), jewelry and accessories, and even maybe super secret sneak peeks at things yet to come." How great is that!! It's like Christmas - my favourite kinds of giveaways. So, head on over to "The White List", follow the blog and post a comment! And to get this giveaway really movin', feel free to twitter, facebook or blog about it yourselves! (The pictures are linked to their listings on etsy)


I've been a blog follower of Devine3Designs for a little while now, and I have to say, I simply love it. She's always writing blog posts of "how-to's" for making your own products, or helping you out to get the best photos for your shop! She's having a contest right now where 12 people can enter. She only needs 12 more followers to get to 100, so when she reaches her goal, those 12 people will be entered into a random draw to win a $25.00 gift certificate for her Etsy shop! So go quick kids, go to Devine3Designs Blog and follow away! Even if you don't win, you won't be disappointed - I assure you you'll learn something new that will help you out with your sales!

Dee's Deezigns

I recently met Dee on My Craft Corner! Right now she's hosting a giveaway on her Blog "Just another new blog". Entering the giveaway could win you a $20 gift certificate at her Artfire Shop!! Now there's something everyone could use for the holidays that are just around the corner! (eeek don't wanna think about that yet!) So head on over to Dee's Blog to enter today! (psst just so you know, Dee is BagLadyMama on etsy!!)

Family and Friends

I've been following Aik's blog for quite a while now (and more recently twitter) and she always seems to be having fantastic giveaways!! There's one she currently hosting for another etsian Chic Infinity. So head on over to Aik's blog to find out all the many ways you can enter! This giveaway closes October 31st. And here's what you can win!

Did you think I was done with Aik? Nope! She's having another giveaway! Let me just say, she has awesome taste in books, and does many book reviews. So head on over here to enter for a chance to win a signed copy of "Once upon a Nightmare" by Lee Moylan!

Now that you've entered all the giveaways, it's time to spend some money...


I just recently met BeckLee on My Craft Corner! And she informed me of an incredible deal being offered in her Etsy Shop. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (and was extremely sad to hear that she just recently lost a friend to breast cancer) she's offering an astounding 50% off anything pink in her etsy shop! And everything she makes from these sales, is being donated to Breast Cancer Research! So please, head on over to BeckLeeCottageDesigns Etsy page, and buy all the pink things :) Pictures shown are items from BeckLee's shop, which are linked to their listings.


I know I seem to talk about Pikithins every week, but c'mon, the girl is always having sales on her incredible merchandise! She now has an entire section in her etsy shop dedicated for October/Halloween sales - click on the link now to check out the entire section! Here's a couple of items to tickle your fancy! Click away on them to bring you to their listings on etsy.


As stated in last week's "Friday Night Deals", Gina Louise pulls a 20/20/20 every Friday!! And what does that mean? Well, it means 20 items, for $20, for 20 hours! So head on over to DesignedByGinaLoiuse on etsy and check out some incredible vintage and redesigned items! Here's one that's definitely gonna catch your eye! Click on the pic to bring you straight to it's listing!


I just met Faeriemooncreations on My Craft Corner! She has gorgeous items ranging from jewellery/pendants to knitted pretties! She has a whole Sale section on her Etsy site with some incredible deals, with up to 50% off the selected items! Here is one of her magnets that is on sale, (and above is a pendant on sale) click the pics to go straight to their listings!

Alright kids, one more! And it's a biggy!


Now this link was given to me by Flauxers (you may remember her from a previous Feature!). It's a link to another blog called HandmadeBoutiques. I'm not going to write in ALL the etsy shops having a sale, because then it would be tomorrow! But definitely head on over here to see the entire list of stores having a 20% off sale!

Here's a few of the featured stores on HandmadeBoutiques that's having a 20% off sale!
Flauxers, Knittopotamus, and Queen Kat's Crafts!!

Okay, i'm glad I started writing this 4 hours ago LOL. It would definitely be Saturday by the time I was done writing it if I started when I usually do!

Hope everyone enjoyed these Friday Night Deals!!
Now stop reading, and go shopping! (And feel free to stop by my shop sometime! hehe)


✄ ✂ ✄ ✂ ✄ ✂ said...

HOLY MOLY! That's a lot of giveaways!

kathie said...

Hi Kathryn, I am running a holiday promo - all my phone pulls are half price (NOW 7.50)- would be great if you want to mention it on your blog.

kathie said...

Hi Kathryn, I am running a holiday promo - all my phone pulls are half price (NOW 7.50)- would be great if you want to mention it on your blog.

Bhen Rudha said...

Hi, I'm Red from Crystallized Intentions (, and I run two specials currently in my store. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook ( and and find out the Shop Item of the Day, if it's in your purchase, get 10% off.

Then there's $5 Fridays, buy an item at regular price and get a pair of earrings for only $5. (This special does work with the Shop Item of the Day promotion).

Thanks for offering this service, I've only read a couple of your posts and already have found it really helpful. :)

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