Oy I'm tired...

All this advertising is exhausting! Just registered a lot of my products with:


And I have about 40 more sites that I need to upload to. Screw Craftgawker - they don't accept anything! LOL, well they did accept one pic, but then it was sold a week later. Ah well, I'd prefer the sale.

The best thing about those 3 sites so far is I can list for both of my etsy shops - SassmowthDesigns and SassKatPhotography.

We'll see if either of these sites so far has gotten me anymore views via Google Analytics. Oh which reminds me, I still gotta set that up for my SassKat site. Whoops!

Have a great night kids! I'll update soon on which sites have done some good, and which other ones I'm trying :)


Kathryn Lantz said...

just checking to see if you can leave comments now. for some reason, that wasn't working! puh!

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