No Feature Friday today kids! So I'll be blogging soon about other things.. hopefully it'll be interesting! :)

In other news, my other blog "That's gonna leave a stain" tends to have more hits in a day then this one. I was curious as to how people are actually finding that blog, because it's not like I'm promoting it!! This one, people are finding mostly from referral sites like Facebook, Twitter and Etsy, and all the advertising sites that I've recently signed up for. Which is understandable. But I'm like, how are they finding my other blog? (besides typing in "dog poo" into google.. apparently that's popular!)

So I went on to my Site Meter (which I normally only check by location) and I decided to check by entry page. So the first blog post 80% of people are clicking on is my "goiter" blog. Lovely.

Have a great morning kids! I'll be back soon.. gotta take the pups for xrays :(


Dee said...

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Divine3Designs said...

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✄ ✂ ✄ ✂ ✄ ✂ said...

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A random winner will be selected when I reach 100 followers :D Easy as pie!

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