Friday Night Deals!

Well here you have it kids, my first Friday Night Deals post! Now, I don't know of too many yet, but here's what I got! (But don't worry, I'm sure when more people hear I'm doing this, I'll have a lot more for ya!)

First and foremost, Papersilkmade is having a sale for this weekend! (October 3rd - October 4th) They are celebrating the first day of the month and the opening of their shop! Just mention "grandopening" in your note to seller and get 25% of your order!! (The discount will be applied in a modified paypal invoice) So head on over and buy some great stuff at an incredible deal!

Here are 2 examples of what you'll find in their brand new shop! Click on the picture for the details on their etsy shop!

LOVE this journal! It would be perfect for a "journal of me" mixed with doodles from the soul...

"For a year I've been filling it, and it's almost done. I wonder what I'll use next,
or what I'll do with this one.
I've never written quite like this before, it's like another style
that I've never experienced.. and I like it.
This is the first time I've actually been able to express myself.
I don't need to keep all the pain inside to well up and build and destroy me.
I'm becoming free."

And here's a belt that would gussy up any casual outfit. It's incredibly cute! (But sorry, i don't have a poem on belts LOL)

And Knot By Gran'ma is having a giveaway!! Here's the details:

To enter the giveaway and hopefully win both of these prizes:

1. Find something in one of my stores (ArtFire or Etsy) that you really like.

2. Become a fan/follow my Twitter or Facebook.

3. Leave me a comment here with a link to that item and either post the link on my Facebook wall or @knotbygranma on Twitter.

I will use to pick a winner on October 17th. Good luck!

This contest is open to US residents only just because of the laws here. Sorry to anyone not in the US. Pumpkin is not included.

Let's see, can I readily find anymore???

Okay one more quickie! STITCHNMOMMA is having a retirement from ebay sale!! The fees have gotten far too high to even think of making much of a profit! So head on over to STITCHNMOMMA on eBay and buy, buy, buy!

That's it for tonite folks! Have a happy shopping weekend! :)


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