Friday Night Deals!

Hey kids! I'm back with a Friday Night Deals! (hmm.. still gotta make a banner for this one!) So here's the low down.. Got an upcoming/ongoing sale or giveaway?! Just let me know and I'll post it every Friday night! I got a few good ones for everyone in the chats tonite...


Every Friday Gina Louise lists a 20/20/20!! 20 items at 20 dollars for 20 hours!! So be sure to check her shop every Friday to get some amazing deals! Here's a few items from her shop that are currently on sale (as of October 16th) All items are directly linked to their listings on etsy!

Keep in mind kids that this sale is over at the end of Friday! So if you don't see $20 on these listings anymore, it's cause you missed your chance! But deffinately heart her shop and check back often so you don't miss these great vintage finds!


I am in love with HDawnParratts cards. They are so amazing, and I'm completely jealous hehe. So I was very excited to hear of her sale - 20% off all Halloween! Her halloween cards are adorable, and I wish I either a) had her talent to make my own, or b) enough money that I could buy them! Here are a bunch of her Halloween cards for sale... (all pics are linked to their listings)


Now Pikithins was my feature today, but she's having a sale! 10% off everything in her shop! So all those fantabulous bracelets and the incredibly cute doll heads are on sale! Here's a recap of a few of her things that are my fave...


JRobynDesigns is have a FREE SHIPPING SALE! On *everything* in her shop! I just met JRobynDesigns in chat tonite and have been looking through her shop - amazing jewellery! And I'm not a jewellery fan :) Here's a few things that you can pick up free shipping.. But don't forget to look around her whole shop while you're there, 'cause it's ALL included in the deal!


MagicKalMama is have a weekend deal kids! From Friday, October 16th - Sunday, October 18th everything in the shop is 10% off with the code: WEEKEND DEALS in your notes to the seller. This discount will be refunded to you promptly via PayPal. So, take advantage of her sale & keep an eye out for other Weekend Deals on Etsy! Here's a few things from their shop!!

Alright kids, that's it for now! Anyone else want in on this post? Just send me a convo on my etsy, or put a comment on any of the blog posts prior to Friday! Thanks for all who participated! Happy shopping!


Bob said... are just going to TOWN. I almost wish I did some crafty thing so I could be on your blog roll. Don't think the blanket chest counts.
Keep on truckin'.

Ze Fawzha.

jrobyndesigns said...

I just saw this! thank you for featuring my shop on your blog :D

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