Update update update!!

First off, I FINALLY decided on a new name for my photography shop! SassKatPhotography! It's still kinda tied in to SassmowthDesigns with the "Sass", it's catchy (atleast I think it is) and when you type it into google, my stuff is pretty much all you see! So I'm happy!

Made a new banner for it - whaddya think? For those of you who follow my other blog on the daily trials and tribulations of my madcap life, you'll recognize that nose! My puppy Kermit. I only have 3 of the pictures listed at the moment.. I've been SO incredibly busy these past few days, that's all I've had time for. Need to post a bunch more tomorrow that's for sure.

What have I been busy with? Well my CHRISTMAS cards of course.... HA! Oh i make myself laugh. So, click on the pic to be linked to my etsy listing for all the details. Whaddya all think? I have a bunch more i need to finish colouring... oy my hands hurt lol. And I have many more i need to do - more embellished cards - I started with the plain ones, but now i go to more detailed...

And what else what else?? Well, I have my first ever "Getting to know you Tuesdays!" It's basically the same as my Feature Fridays, BUT the only difference is the day! And who's going to be my feature for tomorrow??? Jewelry By Tara! Love this woman, she's so incredibly helpful to newbies like myself, but at the same time, she's brutally honest! So you want a *real* opinion of your shop? She's the one to go to. And you need incredibly gorgeous jewellery? Yup, head on over to her too! hehe. I'll have lots of pics, and they'll all be linked, and I'm very excited about my next feature!

Also, I've officially started the "Friday Night Deals!" As you can probably tell, I don't have much of a life, so I'm home on Friday nights. So if you have a sale or a giveaway that's upcoming, or currently going, let me know! Because every Friday night I'll be posting all the great sales and specials and all that jazz going on! Just let me know before Friday :) I have yet to obtain ESP.

That's it for now, I'll be back soon!


PonderandStitch said...

Oh, I really like the new banner!! :)

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