Just a realy quickie!

Touching base to say I'm still around, but it's Thanksgiving weekend and there's tons of family obligations! Can't even start on my custom order yet... Dang! So excited that I got one, but can't work on it. Poo.

Hopefully I'll be able to post something worthwhile this weekend, and oh, you may have noticed that there was no "Friday Night Deals" post! Well, a bunch of people said they'd post the info on my blog, but none of them did! :( And I've been very sick this past week, so i was too tired to go searching for deals, so i do apologize! Hopefully people start posting their deals before Friday, so I'll have a lot to choose from!

Okay, off i go.

Have a great long weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I hope you get lots of Canadian Thanksgiving goodies (I'm not really sure what y'all eat up there, lol. Down here fried Turduckens are popular.)

Sorry that you've been sick. Hope it's not H1N1. Drink lot's of fluids and get to bed early.

And I love love LOVE that Card!! I need to check those out at your shop!

Have a great week!

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