Friday Night Deals!

Hello everyone! It's time for the weekly "Friday Night Deals" where you can find out where the sales are and what giveaways you can enter!

It's not as big of a list as last week (which I'm a little happy about because I'm completely exhausted right now!) but maybe that's a good thing for all the shoppers out there? Not so many places to visit, and decisions not so tough as to where you spend your money!

Like last week, I'm starting with giveaways, and there's only one to report!

I so love White Flag's products! My fave is still the glow in the dark brain soap! So here's the deal with her blog giveaway.. Once White Flag Designs Blog ("The White List") has reached 100 followers, she's going to assign all the followers a number (based on the order they followed at) and use to choose the winner. And the winner will win... "A Priority Mail flat rate box, size small, full of stuff. From my Etsy shops stuff, not just random stuff I found under my bed (unless you want that kind of stuff, idk). Stuff like soaps, lip balms, solid scents (all vegan, mind you), jewelry and accessories, and even maybe super secret sneak peeks at things yet to come." How great is that!! It's like Christmas - my favourite kinds of giveaways. So, head on over to "The White List", follow the blog and post a comment! And to get this giveaway really movin', feel free to twitter, facebook or blog about it yourselves! (The pictures are linked to their listings on etsy)

Now on to the sales!

I've been following Moon and Sundries on Facebook for awhile now, and always love seeing her new creations! She's having a weekend sale, so hurry on over to her Etsy Shop and buy away!
10/30/09--> WEEKEND BOGO SALE!
Buy one piece of Pressed Leaf Jewelry and get one piece (of equal or lesser value) FREE!
Simply purchase both pieces you'd like, type "WEEKEND DEALS" in the 'message to seller' during checkout and the difference will be promptly refunded via Paypal.
Sale runs through Sunday night at midnight EST!
Contact her with any questions... moonandsundries [!at]

Kathie Stamou is an accessory artist and I have to admit I spent a long time on her shop looking around at everything! She's having a holiday sale, so all her Phone Pulls have been marked down half price to $7.50! AND you could get a free phone pull with a purchase of 2 items or more!! So you need to head on over to Kathie's shop, and look at more than just phone pulls! Maybe I just really love circles, but the necklace and earring set is freakin' amazing! :)

Meet Red from Crystalized Intentions! We started stalking eachother recently, and Red was kind enough to let me in on a few sales she currently has going in her shop! Firstly, follow Red on Twitter or fan her Facebook! Through those 2 venues you'll be able to find out what the "Shop item of the day" is, and if you're purchasing that shop item of the day? You get 10% off!

Red also has a deal going on every Friday! It's called "5 dollar fridays" where buy any item in her shop, and get a pair of earrings for $5! And as a special bonus - $5 dollar Fridays is still valid when buying a "Shop item of the day!"

Alright guys, that's all I got for now! I'm going to bed! Gotta get up bright and early and get my giveaway posted. Remember, all pics are directly linked to their listings! Have a good Friday Night!!


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