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Good morning everyone!

Well, as per usual I took the weekend off from blogging. Getting ready for Christmas and all (since we're in the poor house I'm making as many gifts as I can) and since it's my first time making a few of these items, I've had to start over on a couple hehe. But that's why I love crochet! Easy to take apart, and since it doesn't take me that long to crochet, it's not so upsetting when I do have to take it apart.

I'd love to post pics of what I'm doing, but alas, then people will see what they're getting for Christmas! I will post them right after Christmas though, very exciting! One thing is giving me problems though. Has anyone ever used the invisible thread??? I thought it would be a good idea, but it's SO hard to work with! (Not on sewing machine... I really need to get supplies so I can sew soon, I have all these ideas for things to make, but alas, no fabric, no needles, no thread.. oy!)

In an update about the magazine article, it's been submitted and the magazine is at the printers! I should have a copy soon and I'm very excited about it. It's a new Canadian magazine for young girls, and they needed a crafting section. And it's actually called "Kat's Craft Corner"!! I'll post pics as soon as it's out. Again, very exciting!!

In other news, took Kermit to see Santa yesterday HA! Oh ya, hilarious. I'll post his Christmas pic one day, although he's going on our Christmas cards, and again, don't want to spoil the surprise yet :)

At the end of last week I was feverishly making cards to list, and I successfully did so. (Finally!!). I have one set up there that is completely customizable. It's the set of 7 - one of each of my cards. Now I realize that not everyone wants to send out a "Merry Kiss My Ass" or a "Let it Blow", so obviously you can choose whichever images you want. Plus, you can choose the main colours of the background paper (to be all green, all red, or a mix of a few colours, what have you) Since Christmas paper is currently in short supply, I can't guarentee that I can use the *exact* same paper for every card, but I can atleast do the same main colour. (But if you get your orders in quick, I can do it!) You also have a choice of white or ivory cardstock. If you want to *really* customize, I can do the red or green cardstock in a large size card, but that will be a little extra. As for quantity - you're not set at 7 :) You can do any quantity and I'll do a custom listing for you. The more you buy, the less you pay per card. Plus, in some of the card listings, I've done a stamp on the inside of the card saying "Merry Christmas". This can be added to your cards if you like as well (for a very small fee.)

And as a friendly reminder, if you previously entered my card giveaway, and didn't win (or if you did win and wanted more - don't want to exclude you MiMi's Babies!!) you get 10% off of your card order. AND if you're a facebook fan, you automatically get 10% off anything from either of my shops. SO... If you're a facebook fan, AND didn't win my giveaway, you get 20% off your card order!! How great is that?!

Man, I should just be waking up right now lol. Hubby hadda work at 4am today, so it was outta bed before 3am. Good times kids, good times. Although I'm surprisingly awake right now.

Okay, I have a question for all of you! I posted this question on the forums, but as per usual, no one is answering me LOL. 

My question is... I've gotten a couple of orders for my cards back in October and beginning of November. But now that it's getting closer to December, should I put a date on the announcement when cards should be ordered by? I want my customers to be able to have time to mail them out, but with shipping being kinda slow into the states, I'm worried that people won't order them in time. So, do I put a date of when they should be ordered by? I don't want to "Guarentee" anything - shipping's not reliable enough for that and I don't want to get burned. But I don't want to automatically raise the price of shipping to cover express post, because that's really expensive! Should I just leave that up to the customer, and let them figure it out? lol. As a seller of Christmas cards, or even a buyer of Christmas cards, what would you suggest??? I don't want to sound "pushy" in my announcement, but then again, I don't wanna get bad feedback from those non-understanding buyers who think it's up to ME to get them their cards in time, y'know??

Okay, off I go. Gonna see if anyone answered me yet in the forums *snort*. Ya right!

Have a great day everyone!


Charissa @ MiMi's Babies said...

A gentle reminder with a date would be a good idea I think.

Slumptown said...

I don't thinking stating a date for last day to purchase for delivery before Christmas is pushy. Certainly to the States. I have no idea how long that takes and it is nice to be told by those who know.

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