EtsyBloggers - Figuring out what to do!

So I finally found some time to check out the EtsyBloggers site and read through the requirements for being part of this amazing team! This morning I wrote a little "Introduction" for myself on the Newbie thread, then I was off to find out what it meant by "Blog Carnival"! Every Month, you're required to submit to the "Roll Call", and provide the links for your blog posts for "Blog Carnival" and "Blog Feature". The "Blog Feature" was pretty straight forward, as you write a feature on the chosen EtsyBlogger team member. But my, was I confused as to what a "Blog Carnival" was!

Twice a month, a member of the EtsyBloggers team hosts a "Blog Carnival", where they post 2 questions, and you're required to blog about one of those questions. You're able to participate twice a month, but only once a month is mandatory. Once you've written the blog post on the topic of your choice, you submit it to the "Blog Carnival", and you'll find a list on the hosts blog with everyone's posts who participated! And it's a good thing I decided to read up on this today as opposed to the end of the week as I had originally planned, because the last day for submission for the Blog Carnival is on the 20th! hehe.

So now I have an excuse to Blog more often.. Not that I don't want to on a regular basis, but I either can't think of anything worthwhile to say (but who knows, maybe what I already blog about isn't worthwhile to any of my readers!) or I get too busy to write it if I'm planning on having a really involved post. (For example, my how-to's which I have yet to do a real one!) You'll soon start to see more posts regarding the EtsyBloggers, so I hope no one minds :)
 In other news, I got stuck in my coat this morning.

I do have a question though for any fellow blogspotters out there. I recently made the switch to the new 'edit program' which, I have to say, LOVE, especially where links and pictures are concerned. Instead of downloading a few pictures at a time and having them all show up in the blog at once, it downloads them all in a separate pop up box, and you can add them one at a time to where ever you want them to be right off the bat. Then you just click on the picture link again, and it brings up the box again for you to choose which one's next. So much better! And where links are concerned, you click on a word or pic or whatever you're linking, a box pops up and you type in or copy in the link, and it lets you check it right there to make sure it works! Wonderful wonderful!! Because before when I was doing features on followers, it would take me sooo long to first off, put in all the pics (especially if I accidentally deleted one and had to download it all over again), but then I had to publish the post, and click on all the pics and links to make sure they were linking! Since I do these features at like, 5am, I'm sometimes not "all there" and link the wrong thing, or miss an important part like oh.. the 'http://' that's kind of important. But now, I know it all works before its published!!

Problem is... where the crap is my spell check!??! I don't normally have *too* many mistakes, but DAMN, sometimes I do. But there's no spell check.Why is there no spell check?! Am I missing something? Am I stupid? OR am I so amazingly smart I no longer need it? Well, truth be told, the latter is obviously not the answer. So now, every time I write a post, I need to copy and paste it into a word document to check the spelling. One thing that I cannot stand in blogs is spelling mistakes lol. It's one of my biggest pet peeves. Well, with the exceptions of words I make up that is.. onna, coulda, hafta, hobitty bop bop bop, eceteraaaa eceteraaa. Yes. I type like I speak. (So it's a good thing I no longer have that speech impediment, because then you'd be reading things like "oh this new edit pwogwam? I just WOOVE it!")

Last night I finished all the cards for my giveaway which ended on the 15th, and won by MiMi'sBabies! So I'll be shipping those out today, plus putting the lawn care bill in the mail that we just got because it ended up at the house down the street again - okay, so, if you were the replacement mailperson for the regular guy on this route, and there's one house that you've never had to walk up to and give mail to for an entire week, wouldn't you stop to think that maybe, just maybe you should double check that they actually do have mail, but you've been putting it in the wrong mailbox because you've failed to notice the difference between "5383" and "5483"???? Poor 70 year old man hasta walk down the street to deliver all our mail for crying out loud. And it's happened more than once in the past 2 months! Try 7 times! Including an express post package! Seriously!!!!

Okay I should stop now. But my main goal for that last paragraph was to state that once I finished all the cards for MiMi'sBabies, I made a whole crap load more which I'll be photographing and listing today! Yeah me!

Have a great day everyone! Off to copy and paste into word yet again. Oh, and if by chance you do the same thing, try not to put in all the pics and link everything BEFORE you copy it into word, or else your computer might fa-REAK-out like mine does and freeze for 20 minutes. Oh, and if this does happen, just press ESC. It's nice that I finally figured that out after accidentally doing it 13 times, and having my computer freeze for 20 mins 13 times. ESC is your friend. ALT CTRL DEL is an even better friend.

Signing off for now! (but you know I'll be back to rant some more.. I'm probably going to peek into the forums later today. Why I torture myself I don't know...)


Missie said...

Welcome to the Etsy Bloggers team! The carnival posts used to confuse the crap out of me as well when I first joined, but you get used to it. Just so you know (unless I'm missing it somewhere), the blog carnival post for the 20th hasn't been posted yet...I was hoping it would be because I still need to do my post for November :) But hopefully soon!

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