How God made boys...

Yeesh. Last week I'm all "I'm gonna do How-To Wednesdays!" well it's WEDNESDAY! So where is my how-to?! Up my bum apparently. I didn't even realize it was Wednesday.

Okay so, I'm gonna do a tiny little demonstration that's really quick. (Since i'm feverishly working on a new card that I want to put up tonite! And so everyone knows, any new cards that become availible before November 14th - the end of my giveaway - WILL be able to be chosen for the prize!)

SO, I'm going to show you all how God made boys. (This was actually one of my journal notes in grade one. If I find the actual page I wrote it out on, I'll definitely scan it to show you all, because I was freaking hilarious as a kid.The funny thing is, the only reason my mom had 8 of my journal entries, is because they were sent home to my mom so that I could get in trouble.)

But this is basically how it went:

You start off with the word boy

Draw a line from the top of the 'b' to the second line in the 'y'

Again, draw a line from the top of the 'b', but this time, connect it to the first line in the 'y'

Next, do a big swooping line from the bottom of the 'b' to the tail of the 'y'

Now draw 2 small lines from the bubble of the 'b' to the 'o' and another one from the 'o' to the 'y' (can you see where I was going with this?)

Then put 2 dots in the centers of the 'b' and the 'o' - you're almost done!

Place a small 'u' under the 'b' closer to the right side of it, and a squiggle line on the inside of the 'y' where the 2 lines meet

Now it's time to do some finishing touches! A goofy smile, messy hair, maybe some freckles and eyebrows, and walla! You have a boy. And to finish this off as I did in grade one "So THERE Mrs. Canham!"

I swear I'll have something actually useful next Wednesday! I apologize profusely!!!


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