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Good morning to you all! Today's feature is The Framed Frog, a fantastic etsian whom I met on Twitter!! She has a lot of really great products, most of which are geared towards children. I highly recommend checking out her shop for some incredible merchandise for any kids in your life (and perhaps for yourself as well!) So sit back and relax this Tuesday morning and get to know the talented, the wonderful, The Framed Frog! All pictures are linked directly to their listings on Etsy.

1. Let us know a bit about you!

Well, my name is Jeanette Foster (Frogster to my students) and I am an Oregon transplant. I moved here five years ago with my husband from Massachusetts. I taught junior high and elementary school for a few years before I had my children, who make sure on a daily basis that my life is full of chaos and adventure. The Drama Queen is almost four, the Beast is two and a half, and the Spud is one.

2. When did you start crafting? Do you do different crafts then what you sell on Etsy?

I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. Every year, my parents got me craft kits and books, and I remember making homemade soap, candles, yarn dolls, clothes for my Barbie doll etc. My parents recognized my drawing talent and bought me many drawing books and art kits as well. I practiced all the time! Most of what I sell on Etsy is my paintings, but I still scrapbook and crochet and do crafts with my kids. (In my spare time, ha ha! Whatever that is!)

3. What was the sole purpose of opening your shop?

I had been painting custom nursery artwork for friends as baby shower gifts for years, and they kept telling me that I should make it a business and sell them. I finally followed through when a friend told me about Etsy. My husband also really encouraged me to do something that was separate from being a mom to three crazy little ones.

4. How did you decide on a shop name?

As I mentioned before, my students called me "Mrs. Frogster" because I am slightly obsessed with the adorable little creatures. I have frogs everywhere in my house, and it's probably no surprise that my kiddies' room is completely decorated in a frog pond theme! I wanted my name and logo to stand out and to be easily identified with me. I decided on "The Framed Frog" and drew my logo to match what I was envisioning in my head. In case you're wondering, we still have no idea who framed the frog!

5. What is your favourite item to create and why?

Almost all my work is custom - and I love being able to create exactly what a customer wants and can't find anywhere else. Besides painting, I do enjoy creating my custom French memo boards. It's fun to blend colours and patterns and work with a different medium - fabric.

6. What venues to you use to promote your work?

I am learning to promote, promote, promote! I have two blogs: JFrogster and ScrappyFrog. I have somewhat fallen off the bandwagon with the second blog since it's the one I feature how-to's for crafts, and I just don't have the time to make all those crafts anymore. I have a Facebook Fan Page "The Framed Frog", and of course, I Tweet under "ScrappyFrog". I love blogging, but so far twittering has been the most beneficial to my shop. I just opened my facebook fan page, so we'll have to see how it goes. Please join up and become a Froggy Fan for Framed Frog news and exclusive deals!

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years concerning your business?

When I first started The Framed Frog, I treated it as a hobby. When it took me almost two months to get a sale, I seriously considered giving up on the whole venture. Then sales started to really take off over the summer, and I began to expand locally as well. I am planning on making The Framed Frog a serious source of revenue for our family. I read books and research information on making small businesses successful, and my husband is becoming more involved in the shop as well. I need his nerdy skills to do the business side that I don't enjoy doing myself! I hope that in five years, I will be making a sale or more a day. I will have more time then to devote to the business because all my little darlings will be in school.

8. Is there any other information you'd like to share with us?

My advice for newbies is to keep at it! Just because you don't immediately see sales from twitter or blogging doesn't mean that they won't result in EVENTUAL sales. Also, customer service is key! I wrap my items in pretty paper and tie them with ribbon and give my customers a promo code to get a discount off their next order. It has brought me many repeat customers!

The Framed Frog is excited to participate in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on etsy this year! Almost all of the items in my shop will be discounted or have free shipping on those days! (And if you become a Froggy Fan on Facebook, you will get a special promote code to use on those days for extra discounts!)

9. Name a few of your favourite things!

I already mentioned my love for all things froggy! (I just counted and we have 20 different ornaments to put on our Christmas tree that are froggy!) I also love cake decorating, playing basketball and soccer, and being silly with my kids. I do enjoy reading, but have little time for it anymore: so most of my reading is saved for my Bible and my favourite blogs. Weird fact - I also occasionally play the accordion.

10. If you had a super power, what would it be and why?

My super power would be the ability to clean my house in an instant! I am so not domestic, and have trouble fitting in the bathroom cleaning and laundry in between my shop responsibilities, and my kids. If I never obtain that superpower, I will hope for the next best thing - enough income from The Framed Frog to hire a housecleaner!

Alright everyone, I really hope you enjoyed getting to know Jeanette! I'm very excited that I've met her, and been able to do this feature, as I love getting to know the person behind the craft! Make sure you visit The Framed Frog on Etsy for some amazing and cute products! And of course, follow on Twitter, her Blogs "The Framed Frog" and "ScrappyFrog", and of course fan her Facebook for exclusive deals!

Feel free to comment on this feature - all etsians love feedback!!

Have a great Tuesday everyone! Happy sales!


Caroline said...

Her work is lovely! The fabric boards are sweet. Great feature.

Jeanette said...

Aww thanks! It was super sweet of you to do this feature! Thank you so much!

Mary - A Merry Life said...

Oh this is soo fun! You're work is lovely!

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