I feel bad for my followers!

I am SO bad at giving notice for a feature!! lol. Pretty much everyone I've asked to be a feature receives an email that always starts the same way "I know this is short notice, but!" So just so everyone knows, I may not have a feature ready for Tuesday! But I'll make sure *something* is written in there! (Maybe i'll do a feature on MYSELF! *snort*)

I don't have too much news at the moment. I was working on a "how-to" this weekend, but not for my blog this Wednesday! But don't worry, I'll have something better than 'How God made Boys' like I did last Wednesday! Actually, the how-to will *possibly* be featured in a new magazine coming out this December! I don't want to say for sure, because you never know. I have horrible luck. So no details yet! But it's very exciting!!

And has EVERYONE ENTERED MY GIVEAWAY?!!??! C'mon people, humour me here! lol. I've hardly had anyone comment and enter!! I've been promoting it like crazy! I think people have put me on "mute"!!

In other news, my puppy puked 7 times this morning.

I'm so excited that it's finally sunny and it's actually quite warm! I wish it was like this all winter. Funny how that works. I usually loved winter, but as my mom told me, I'd change my mind when I get older... And yes, it's happened. I guess I just don't have that tolerance for extreme cold anymore. It's no longer fun for my nose hairs to freeze as I walk out the door. And at my age, it's no longer acceptable to have soaked pants up to the knees, static-y haired hat head and snot running down your face.Oh, and having that ... smell. Do you remember that smell? When you were a kid and you'd be outside for hours in the snow, and when you came in and started to melt and dry, there was that.. smell? Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? 'Cause I for one really don't *enjoy* that particular smell anymore lol.

Okay that was off topic. I was going to talk about how excited I was that it was sunny so I can actually take some pics for the how-to. Yeesh. (and I really wish I'd stop accidentally typing "hot-to" or "hoe-to" because those don't show up as a mistake in spell check and I really don't want to write that!)
Well, i'm off to make more things for the not-hot-or-hoe "How-to".

Have a great day everyone!!!


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