A giveaway! (not by me!! *ADULT CONTENT*)

Good evening everyone! Okay so, I was going to write about a feature for the Etsy Bloggers, but that's being postponed for a couple of days! So instead, I'd like to tell you all about a GIVEAWAY!!

Just so you all know ahead of time, this is ADULT CONTENT, so if you can't handle reading (and dreaming about possibly winning) a $25 gift certificate to a certain "sex-aaayyy" shop, then click away from the page kids! Click away from the page! Oh, and Dad, you better do the same thing. Cause ya, I'm not saying anything graphic per se, but it's still a little uncomfy!! lol.

Boutique Stitches is currently hosting a giveaway for Eden Fantasy!! (Along with many other giveaways, so I highly suggest following her blog Boutique Stitches Blogspot, because there's always many chances of winning something! Plus, she's fun to read!!)
So feel free to check out Eden Fantasy for what they're selling, and what you can possibly buy with your gift certificate! (I'll refrain from posting pics of the products just incase! hee hee) Oh okay, wait, I have to post one cause it's just making me laugh! Okay so (just so you all know why I'm always smirking) I see faces in everything, and I just see this little guy going "Munch munch munch!!" *snort* oh ya... Anyhoo, that pic is totally linked to the shop page of it!

Okay anyways! Please do yourselves a favour, and head on over to Boutique Stitches Blog, enter the giveaway, and buy something from Eden Fantasy! You're guaranteed to find something for everybody!

Sweet dreams kids!


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