I'm an Etsy Blogger! plus news, and a rant!

I am so excited, I'm finally on a team! I've been looking for some teams to sign up with, since I've heard only good things about them. I really didn't know exactly what a "team" did, but I thought, what the hey! I'll give it a try. Well, about ooooh, 5 months ago? I wrote to a few teams asking for info, and how to sign up. Never heard a response. So I was sad. Fellow etsians informed me that sometimes teams are run by only one person, and that person gets busy and it takes a long time for them to respond. Also I've been told that not all teams are accepting new members. Well then! So I forgot about the whole "team" idea, and moved on.

Then one day, I saw in a thread on the forums that someone was talking about the Etsy Bloggers team, and I thought, ooooooo I'd love to be on that team!! Well, I applied, and I was approved!! I'm still trying to figure out all the ins and outs and what's required of me, but I'll do all that this week, and of course I'll BLOG about it! My first order of business is a feature on a fellow Etsy Blogger.. so I'll be doing that later on today!!

Yeah me!

Anyhoo, in other news... FaerieMoonCreations is having a November Chill Giveaway!! Head on over to her blog FaerieMoonCreations.blogspot.com to find out all the contest details! I met Theresa from Faerie Moon on my favourite ever in the world promotional website My Craft Corner. Like I've said, this site has a great and friendly community, and Theresa was one of the first fellow artisans that I met there. (You'll actually be reading all about her this coming Friday, as she's going to be my feature!!)

In even more news, I finished another card last night! Finally! Yeesh. Most of my cards are just of the main people, no backgrounds and such (with some exceptions) *but* this one required full detail and full colour. Oy. And plus I was working on Christmas presents (which I can't talk about because certain people like my Mom read my blog, so she'll find out and the surprise would be ruined I say!)

Due to technical difficulties last night (firstly my puppy barked so loud and out of the blue that I almost ruined the entire card as I was finishing up the inking, so mad! Secondly, my computer Fa-Reaked-Out and I had to restart the whole dang thing, then my printing program kept cutting off 1/3 of the drawing, so I had to resize it until the computer agreed with the size, and then my printer ran out of coloured ink halfway through the printing.) I wasn't able to actually make the cards last night. So instead, I'll just post the final pic, which is to be printed once I get new ink (There goes another $40 dollars I don't have! HA!)

Okay, more other news... This just down right pissed me off. So last night, there was a thread about business cards, and whether people put them in with their packages when they ship them to the customers. And also asking the question whether the people that receive these business cards actually kept them. So the general consensus was that most people will put atleast one in the package, and there were some buyers responding saying they love getting business cards, or they don't find it necessary. Well, I decided to throw in my 2 cents and said something along the lines of "I always put a business card in with the package. I make my own cards and they're slightly larger than the standard size, so I always use them to write a little note and a huge thank you on the back" So then what does someone write? (and I won't divulge names. And I'll also say at this time, that I have nothing against this person, the comment just *really* pissed me off LOL) She writes "I like getting business cards, nice ones, with texture and thick paper, they tend to stay with me longer. The home made ones... mmm bye bye!!!" Ya.. I responded to that one.

Normally I stay out of the forums and don't respond to anyone outright putting down what I say, or making off handed remarks, because this is supposed to be a business forum for business people, and everything that you write can be seen by *everyone*, even potential customers. So I normally just let it go.

The reason I got so mad at the comment? She has no clue WHY I make my own business cards. She doesn't know my current situation. She doesn't know how much money I have. She knows absolutely nothing about me. I can't afford to buy business cards. But does that mean I have to be put down for it? Isn't handmade better than none? (Funnily enough, we're talking about a site that sells *handmade*, yet handmade business cards are seen as garbage. Hmm.)

Okay yes, I could get the "free" ones from Zippy Print, but waiting 23 days for them to process my cards, and then spending 26$ on the shipping when they're located down the street? That's not very free to me. Plus I've had too many bad experiences with Zippy print, and vowed to never go back there!

Yes, I could probably find some sort of money lying around in the couch cushions to go to a print shop and get really cheap ones that I can't design for $25, but personally, I think that's even worse then making my own. And ya, I suppose I can skip on buying food for a week to run out and get those fancy textured embossed magical eye catching absolutely most amazing business cards EVER, but I'm moving in a year. I know I'm moving in a year. So why am I spending money on all these business cards to hand them out like crazy when I'm going to have to change the phone number? And yes, I don't *have* to put a phone number on it, but I'd prefer it, because I'm also trying to sell locally.

So okay, that chick really peeved me. But I've vented!! So I'm done now! Off to get on with my day. Way too many things to do lol.

Hope everyone else is having a fantastic day!! You'll hear from me again soon, because I hafta do my Etsy Blogger Feature! Again, Yeah me!


Car Farm Creations said...

It's true the hand made community isn't always about the handmade. And I like what you had to offer in the way of your cards very nice! It's like paying a professional to take product shots. I have issues with that one. And I'm a photographer. Anyway. I understand your mood the forums have pissed me off and so has the chat rooms on occasion. Like the time I was in the promote your shop chat and told i was in poor taste for actually promoting my shop. wtf. anyway. I hope your day turns around!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

Your handmade cards look great! I love the biz cards I get (handmade, MOO made, whatever!). So keep up the good work :)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I love your business cards. They look quite "professional" to me - and it is supposed to be about handmade, isn't it? We're a community and should all support one another. Hope you let the comment go aside and go on with your day - although it is quite agitating when comments are made without full consideration of how someone else might feel.

By the way, thanks for chatting up my giveaway. That is so kind of you!!! And congrats to joining the Etsy Bloggers team. It sounds like fun. Let us know how you make out with it. :)

Talk to you soon! Theresa

Slumptown said...

I know what you mean about people and their offhanded comments. Try not to let it get to you, your cards look great and I bet she has never seen them. The new card looks great.

Jewelry by Tara said...

OMG! What a b#tch:( You know I'm going to have to go on there and find that darn thread!

Sure people appreciate the personal touch w/note more than any fancy card.


mysticwynd said...

First of all - welcome to the Etsybloggers team!

Secondly, I'm still struggling to not be so amazed at how snobby some people can be about handmade/homemade when they're in the business themselves. Makes me wonder how they can breath right with their noses that far up in the air - must put an awful strain on their necks - which in turn decreases the flow of blood to their brain. Hmm... maybe that's their problem. Think I'm going to have to go find that thread as well.

Kathryn Lantz said...

Well thank you all for the support lol. I'm still floored at that comment. The second I even started telling my husband about what was said, he interupted me with "Uh, is this not a HANDMADE website!? What's wrong with handmade business cards?!" lol. It does astound me at times how judgemental and snotty some people can be. Well, I'm sure i'll never buy from them! lol.

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