To spell check or not to spell check...

 ... that shouldn't be the question...

Good morning everyone! Okay, I'm already confused as to what day this is. I saw a blog post today that had "Wednesday" in the title, and I'm like "IT'S WEDNESDAY?!" If it is, I totally missed an entire day.

Another quick one (well, quick to my standards that is!)

Still working feverishly on quite a lot of projects I have on the go. But I wanted to touch on a subject. Okay it's a rant. And it's about the forums. Now, I haven't been participating much in the forums because of what happened a few times, and I never commented on this one. But I still wanted to put in my dirty 2 cents.

Yesterday someone started a thread that was basically saying that if you have spelling mistakes in your descriptions and announcement, they wouldn't buy from that seller.

First off, bad spelling doesn't necessarily mean bad product. You don't need to spell to draw, or cut things out or glue things together. If it's a mistake here and there, ya it annoys me that they didn't triple check it, but I'm not going to disregard a seller for poor grammar.

On the other hand, I'm a stickler for attention to detail. And if someone's not putting much thought into checking their errors, how much thought are they putting into their product to ensure quality?

It's a fine line my friends!

I did say in a previous post that if English isn't your first language, then you should have someone check over your announcements and descriptions. I'm only saying this because the English  language is backwards to all the other languages, and sometimes in translation, it just doesn't work. For a short little example, while English speaking peeps would say "The Red House", the Frenchies would say "La Maison Rouge". We're the backwards ones, not them. Because every language says it that way, and English is the only one that reverses it. Plus, we have words that are the same pronunciation and have one letter different, but have completely different meanings. We have silent letters, letters that are "hard" but then are "soft" if a different letter is placed beside it. G's become F's, C's become S's, I's have rules of where they should freakin' go (which, by the way, is a stupid rule because it's SO not true in every case!). So do I understand that there are a lot of grammatically incorrect descriptions out there? Of course! If English wasn't my first language, I woulda told it to screw off long ago!

BUT, it doesn't hurt asking a fellow seller/buyer to double check your shop for errors, correct? Or just a friend or fam, or anyone, just to make sure it all makes sense. Although things would be a bit easier if Etsy had a spell and grammar check like in Word! lol.

So my lovelies, what are your views on spelling and grammar? Would you disregard a seller for spelling? Is there a fine line for you?

Have an incredible Tuesday everyone! ... It is Tuesday, right??


Slumptown said...

I agree that it is important to have proper spelling and grammar. A few mistakes would not keep me from buying from a store a ton of mistakes and I check to see where the store is located. As someone who has a terrible time with grammar and spelling I try to make sure everything is correct but sometimes stuff slips by and then I am embarrassed about it later. I think having some proof read your shop is a great idea. Are you volunteering. =)

Slumptown said...

see that should read someone and not some, very embarrassing.

Magpie Night said...

I do think spell check is a good thing, because misspellings do sort of bug me, BUT poor English is not a fault.

That said, the Craphting picture made me laugh so hard I almost threw up!

Anitra Cameron said...

Hmmm...You know, I'm not sure. Mostly, I just notice, and maybe do a silent "tch tch". I don't think it would stop my buying, but it might slow me down and cause me to look a bit more closely, just in case.

And I HATE when I realize there's an error in my work.

TiLT said...

Hmmm...depends. If it looks like a typo, no big. If it's conversational speak, it's ok. If it is every sentence in both sentence & structure...well, I may take a second look (in the shop & my wallet) to make sure such mistakes are not rampant beyond the text. Heck, I had more than I care to admit before I switched to Firefox which points out errors, unlike IE.

Now shops that WrItE tHeiR DeScrIptIoNs LiKe tHiS...I'm outta there

TiLT said...

see...I goofed...hit the enter too quick...I said every sentence in sentence & structure...meant in SPELLING and structure :P

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