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Good wonderful Tuesday morning everyone!! I personally have been having a GREAT 2 days, and I even woke up this morning to find I had made a sale! Thank you SO much Ana! And guess what? Ana just happens to be my feature for today!

I met Ana when she fanned my facebook fan page a while ago. I had asked her to be a feature way back then, but she never answered :( Apparently it was because she wasn't familiar with the "fan filter" on her fan page, and didn't see it! (That's why I don't have the fan filter option on! I'd always forget to look at it!!) So instead of a feature 3 or so weeks ago, it comes to you today! I really hope you enjoy meeting Ana; she's a wonderful lady who's incredibly talented! All pictures are linked to their listings unless otherwise stated, so click away my friends!

1. Let us know a bit about you!

My name is Ana Brennan, and I live in Broken Arrow, OK. I am a mom of 4 boys, and a daughter in Heaven. I am currently in recovery from an eating disorder taking one day at a time. I am married and I work full time outside the home with the hopes of one day working from home as an artisan exclusively. I am an imperfect human who loves a perfect Lord. He has been in my life since my daughter was diagnosed with cancer right before her 2nd birthday. This is a subject I am very open about.

2. When did you start crafting? What/who inspired you to become an artist? Do you do different crafts than just what you sell on Etsy?

My father was an artist and so therefore I grew up with art being a very integral part of our lives. I think I'm more surprised by my siblings who don't express themselves artistically! Oh well, que sera! I have been drawing as far back as I can remember. In fact, the earliest memory I have were of me tracing all the Snoopy characters on my bedsheets with my finger as a child, then going to school the next day and drawing them all for the other children. I was in first grade at the time.

I started sewing, as all good girls do, in Jr high, and fell in love with fabrics and creating with this new medium. When I stumbled upon tassels, it was like a match made in heaven. I could hand paint and even create some sort of toppers, then incorporate different trims and ribbons onto them for a complete tassel. As for other crafts I make, yes there are these handy dandy coasters that I have made for family and friends, and the number one way I have always expressed what's REALLY going on with me, is sketching.

Pictures c/o AnasHouseDressing Works in Progress

3. What was the sole purpose of opening your shop?

To hopefully replace my income with this, a craft booth, and a shop in town. Not to mention my house was filling up with tassels and decorative pillows!

4. How did you decide on a shop name?

The shop name was easy, I just combined two great loves in my life, food and home decorating, and voila! Just a simple play on words, really.

5. What is your favourite item to create, and why?

It would be a tossup between tassels and sketching. Tassels on one hand are delightfully fun to shop for, to make, and to see each completed piece. Sketching on the other hand, is way way more intimate. I feel totally naked when I let someone see my art work.

6. What venues do you use to promote your work?

I have it all; a Facebook Fan page, a Blog, and Twitter.

I think they all work OK for me... I love to blog of course!

Pictures c/o AnasHouseDressing Works in Progress

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years concerning your crafting business?

Definitely doing this full time and living the dream. I pray that is just continues to grow steadily, so I can one day quit my day job.

8. Is there any other information you'd like to share with us?

There is a giveaway for anyone of the tassels in my shop that ends at midnight on December 1st (Today!) All you need to do is leave a comment and a way to reach you at TheShabbyChicCottage-AnasHouseDressing.

As for any newbies, I think my best advice would be to find the thing that you would be doing regardless if anyone is buying or not. It's what has gotten me through the rough times.

9. Name a few of your favourite things!

A child's laugh, butterflies, my Bible, and my family.

10. If you had a super power, what would it be, and why?

To heal children, so there would never be a need for St. Jude's, or any children's hospitals anymore.

I hope you all enjoyed today's feature! I sure did - Ana, thank you so much for sharing with us, you're a true inspiration. See, this is why I absolutely love doing features, because I love finding out how much I have in common with my fellow etsians! Maybe I'm just nosey, who knows! Curiosity hasn't killed me yet :) Make sure you heart Ana's Etsy Shop, follow her on Twitter and her Blog, and of course, fan her Facebook so you can keep up to date as to what this crafter is up to! And of course, leave some comments as all etsians love feedback!

Have a GREAT Tuesday everyone!!


Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Love the feature! and I love this idea. I'm off to look at more of her creations! Good Luck to Ana... I think she will make it, she is really talented.

p.s. btw Kathryn, I featured you in my blog yesterday in my "This Artists Observations of the Day" I really liked and appreciated your post on free etsy advice... I am taking your advice!!! ~Jaime

40YOCB said...

What's a 'fan filter' on facebook and i can actually turn it off?? i am so going to do this now!

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