EB December Feature - CalKat!

Good Monday morning everyone! I must say, I had a veeerry interesting weekend hehe. I won't discuss it as of yet, because the "drama" may continue. I'm just laughing my butt off at it all really, because who exactly has this much time set aside for drama!!??

I for one don't have time for drama, because it's time for me to write my EtsyBloggers Feature this month on CalKat! CalKat is a shop run by 2 young women, Carrie and Kathy. And we're in for a treat, because they don't just have one shop! These 2 are quite ambitious and have a grand total of 4!! So sit back and relax this wonderful Monday morning, and feast your eyes on the incredible talents of Carrie and Kathy! All pictures are linked directly to their listings!

Carrie and Kathy currently reside in Las Vegas, NV, and have been making and designing OOAK pieces of jewellery for over 5 years. They both love making beautiful things that are shiny and complimentary! They use only quality sterling silver, gemstones, and Swarovski crystals in their designs. Each piece is handmade with love and extreme care! So check out their jewellery designs at CalKat!

Their second shop, Ametista's, is filled with ultra cute MonsterBoxes, bookmarks, bottles and polymer clay! They both share a passion for creating custom keepsakes - they love to discuss ideas with their customers, and just run with them! (Sometimes with scissors!) So for anything cute, and sometimes creepy-cute, head on over to Ametistas!!


Have you ever wanted to make your own clay creations?! Well, with the help of Carrie and Kathy you can! Their 3rd shop, TheClayShoppe, you can find all your supplies! There are loads of molds to choose from at very affordable prices, tools, clay, and tons of inks and pigments to gussy up your own creations! And as an added bonus, they're currently offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING now through New Year's Eve!

Do you Yoga? Love fairies? I know I do, and in Carrie and Kathy's 4th shop, that's exactly what you'll find! So check out these fairies doing all those poses you either love or hate at YogaFairies. And again, FREE Worldwide shipping now through New Year's Eve!

I hope you all enjoyed what you see, and make sure you check out each shop to see all the wonderful items I didn't have room to put pics of on ze blog! :) If you'd like to keep up to date on what these 2 are creating next, visit and follow their blog: CalKat The Jewelry Junkie.


Kathy and Carrie said...

Oh wow...what a wonderful write up. Thanks so much. We do love what we do and we hope it shows through all our artistic offerings.

Happy Holidays!

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