Best week EVER!!!! Let's celebrate!!

I am SO excited!

Okay, so I've had an absolutely incredible week! On Monday, I found a lovely little convo informing me that I was in a Treasury!! My very first one!! It was done by BStudio, a wonderful fellow Canadian crafter I met on EtsyCanada!! She featured all Canadian crafts, and my "Joyeux Noel" made the cut! That really boosted my mood.

A little later on in the day, I found out I was featured on a blog! CJGrand wrote about my set of reusable swiffer cloths on her blog "The Handmade Tweet", where she regularly features products. CJGrand is a teammate of mine on EtsyBloggers! The best team around :)

And then more great news... Theresa from FaerieMoonCreations informed me that I had WON her November Chill Giveaway!!! I've never won a giveaway before, and I enter pretty much all of them! lol. I was so incredibly excited, I love everything Theresa makes - and where did I meet Theresa??? MyCraftCorner of course!!!

So that was my Monday! A much much MUCH happier Monday then any I have been experiencing these past few months, that's for sure. Then on Tuesday, I woke up in a really great mood. This only got better because I noticed that Ana from Ana's House Dressing had purchased a set of my Christmas cards! I had a sale! For a grand total of 9. Woot Woot!

Then later on *that* day, I was informed by Jaime from ArtsyFartsy that I was featured in her "This artists observations of the day" on her blog, and close to the same time, sweet little CountryCharms convo'd me to say she featured my card Merry KissMyA$$ on her Facebook because she loved it so much!

Next came Wednesday. Whilst chatting in the usual place, the "Welcome Wednesday" chat on MyCraftCorner, I was sent a lovely email from Reggie, the founder of MyCraftCorner, to ask if I'd like to join the "MyCraftCorner Crafters Crew" *GASP*!!! Of COURSE I would love to! I actually got up and danced down the stairs to my husband where he was on his computer, and I was telling him my exciting news and without even glancing up said "That's nice dear." lol.

I know for a fact that you've all probably noticed I have this tendency to ramble on about how great MyCraftCorner is. And I'm always encouraging you to join :) Because you should hehe. See, here's the thing!
The reason I love MyCraftCorner so much is because I had tried all those promotional/networking sites. While yes, a lot of them were easy to use, some even brought in quite a few views for awhile, but for the most part, they annoyed me, all the flashing ads made me seizure, they frustrated me, they felt really... cold? Does that make any kind of sense to anyone but me?! There was no sense of community. I like community! And I've found great ones on Etsy of course, and EtsyCanada, and (woohoo!) EtsyBloggers!

MyCraftCorner is extremely easy to use, you set up your own page, you can add your photos, your websites, your blogs, general information. You can add friends, join in discussions, join groups. The very first thing I saw after I joined, was a comment on my page from Reggie, welcoming me to the site, thanking me for joining, and commenting on specific products in my etsy shop. Y'know how some businesses treat you like a number, and not as a person? That's what the other sites feel like to me! I'm a number! (a Karma number apparently, and I *still* don't know what the heck that means! lol)

Because of MyCraftCorner, the fellow members, and Reggie herself along with her daughter Amanda, I've gotten incredible advice, ideas, and a huge amount of views on etsy! They're my sounding board when I'm frustrated, my jokes when I'm down. They promote my shop in chats and on twitter- by linking my listings, MCC page and even my blog giveaways. What other networking site has done that for you?

And now I'm part of the crew! I'm very excited about that, because honestly, I love helping other crafters! I love giving advice, helping with ideas, and basically having projects! I love to be busy, and now being a part of the crew, I'm sure I will be! Again, I will point out that okay, only had 9 sales, but I am good with the advice I swear! (Atleast I think I am!) And when I give advice, sometimes I actually listen to myself and do it too! lol.

Now I don't want to sound like a door to door salesman, pressuring everyone to look at his wares lol, so I'll stop now. (well, almost now) It's not like I'm getting commission by recruiting people or something! (oooh I wish!) Just know I love MCC and think it's an integral networking site in the crafting adventure, and want to share it with all of you!

And to celebrate my a) incredible week I've been having with sales and treasuries and features and winnings, b) my incredible followers who are always so kind and understanding, and c) the fact that I now feel important by being on the MCC Crew, I'm offering you all a special deal!!

Anyone who signs up with MyCraftCorner because of me lol, requests to be my friend with the message "I joined thanks to you! Gimme my discount code!!" - Well, you could be a lot less demanding then me hehe, and I will send you a;

30% off discount code

for either of my shops which will be refunded via paypal!



These codes will be good for your entire purchase, they are eligible to be used on any sale or reduced items, they can be used on custom orders, and they can be used during "Free Shipping" deals! (The only thing not allowed is they can't be used in conjunction with any discount codes you currently have via my other venues!)

Just as a friendly reminder, I swear I'm not gettin' anything out of having people join! LOL. I just love this place that much! I just want to help the community grow, help as many of you out as possible in your own "Adventures in CraftingLand", to be successful, and to be happy!! As a side note, if you had previously joined because of my ramblings lol, and you're not yet my friend (or even if you are!) just message me anyways and demand your code! :)

Alright, off to do some more crafts... I hope you all have a wonderful day!!


Becca said...

I believe I shall have to investigate this MyCraftCorner a bit. I wonder if I already joined? LOL I've joined SO MANY sites...

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Well, it seems it HAS been a great week for you indeed! Congratulations. I love My Craft Corner as well. I've been asked to join the Crew as well, and I was going to suggest you - so we should definitely do this together! I probably won't be able to give too much input until next year - but then I'll be off to the race (so to speak).

Hope the end of your week is just as great as the beginning!


Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Wow, you have had a great week! Congratulations! I am gonna check out this MyCraftCorner, thanks for sharing :) and I love reading your rants, complaints, funny stories and it all.

p.s. thanks for the link to my blog as well (karma IS good!)

Jeanette said...

Hooray! I am so glad you have had a good week. I never heard of My Craft Corner until I started reading your blog - going now to check it out...

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