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Okay my lovelies, I'm back! So much has gone on in the last little while, some days I was so busy I didn't have time to turn on the freakin' computer :) Of course I wasn't busy selling things LOL, all I currently have up is Christmas cards still. Oy. And I haven't spent much time on the photography shop, but atleast I took some more pics of my photos in frames, so I can add those to the listings. I know how much it helps sell photos when people can see what the photo will look like framed and up on a wall!

So it'll take a while to update you all fully, but I do apologize as I whole heartedly meant to continue with the blogging over the Christmas season! But with the parents coming home, and the family get togethers, and my husband's over night shifts, and the crocheting all night (which reminds me, I have to get some pics of what I made for the fam! Yikes... Forgot to do that!) I just didn't have the time to sit down :)

Now you may all be wondering why I'm screaming Ponder&Stitch in my blog title this morning!! Well!! Let's just say that I LOOOVE my husband. Ponder&Stitch has always been one of my absolute favourite etsy sellers. Not only does she have incredible products (All of which I want!), but she's so incredibly sweet!! She had made this one tote bag that I fell in love with, but just couldn't afford. And one day, I clicked on her etsy shop to gaze at the bag longingly, and alas, it was sold. Come to find out, it was sold to MY HUSBAND!! Yeeee!! AND I got a quadruple strand grey cuff! Thank you SO much Amy! - My hubby gave me the note along with my presents! :)  Lemme tell ya, I haven't taken off this cuff. Well, I don't shower with it on, but it's my absolute favourite accessory! I will try to get some photos soon with me donning my new accessories!! :) I'm just so excited that I own Ponder&Stitch products, I've been showing everyone!  And now I'm showing all of you, because all of the photos in todays blog are all from Amy's shop. Just note that the yellow vintage fabric bag will not be linked to it's listing, because it's MINE. :)

I got so many great gifts this Christmas - my hubby pretty much stocked me up with sooo many crafting supplies that I desperately needed, and I just can't wait to get started again! Plus, he got me a light box!! I am ecstatic! I will definitely be spending lots of time retaking photos!

Plus, I have new additions to my craft room, so I spent all day yesterday organizing it all over again. I'll definitely take pics of that too, just incase anyone's curious of where I spend most of my time :) My parents had this old antique gigantic desk in the office, but when they were moving to The Netherlands (but they now currently reside in Vienna) it was too big and heavy to ship, and it was way too big to stay in the room it was in. Their office became my husband's office, but my husband's office consists of his computer, a gigantic comic book collection, a star wars collection, and he sounds like a big geek, but I promise he's not! hehe. So it just wouldn't fit. Well, my cousins were starting up a business down the street and were looking for a desk for the staff room, and it was a perfect fit! But recently they've decided to close the shop, and asked us to take the desk back, or they'd just throw it out. Hmm.. My parents didn't like the idea of throwing out an antique desk! So since my sister FINALLY got rid of the couch she got at the reuse center for her 80's party last July and it was still sitting in my dad's garage, my dad replaced the space the couch was in with this desk. But upon hearing my husband's complaints that I don't actually *use* my craft room to craft since I have no tabletop space to do it, so I bunk out in the diningroom for weeks on end, my daddoo got a great idea! So, I now have the desk in my craft room! Yeah me!

Once I take pics I can explain where I do all my crafts :) I'd say that will be soon, but today my ma'am wants to shop, then my hubby's off early, then we're going to Ikea to buy a bed since my hubby and I both wake up every morning without the ability to walk, then we're cleaning up a bit tonight, since we're having another family get together tomorrow which means I'm spending a large portion of tomorrow baking and cooking chili! Woohoo chili! And I know there's going to be lots of things in store for the following days, so I'm not going to make any promises!

Okay, this is actually all I have time for lol. Hope everyone had an absolutely fantastic Christmas!! And dammit, Theresa, I just remembered I still haven't given you the stir-me-not recipe! lol. Yeesh. Hopefully I'll find it today!

Have a great day my lovelies!!


Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

I'd like to see you do a couple sample before and after shots with that snazzy new light box. you know, one without the box and how you would do it before you had it and another with the same product showing the difference your light box has made. when you get time that is. :)

Happy New Year!

PonderandStitch said...

Omg, yayyyy!!! Wow, it was so hard keeping this whole thing a secret! lol. Your husband is an absolute dear. When I found out that bag would be going to you, I was ECSTATIC! So of course I just had to throw in a cuff. I was worried because I didn't know your size- if you need it made smaller or anything, just send it back and I'd be happy to adjust it. :)

Again, SO glad you love it! Thank your husband again for me! Oh, and thanks for showing some of my items here, too! It was a nice surprise:)


magpienight said...

Hooray for presents! Love the bag! Sounds like your hubby is a keeper.

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