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Good morning all my lovelies!! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday! I for one am *trying* to get in a better mood, it's been an extremely taxing few days. Life is getting in the way of my crafting. *sigh*. So, in order to really cheer myself up, I've decided to do a bit of a feature! There are so many talented and friendly people who are currently joined up on MyCraftCorner, and I can't resist showing you all the amazing works of my fellow MCCers. I'll be doing quite a few of these posts (our community is growing every day!) so be sure to follow "ze blog" to keep up to date on all this talent :) And just as a reminder, all pics are linked to their listings!


Faux + Flowers = Flauxers! (Pronounced Flowers)

I'm sure you've all heard me talk about Tanya before, she's been an Esty friend of mine for quite a while, and I've previously done a full feature on her shop! She recently decided to join up on MCC to see what the heck I was raving about all the time, and already has her MCC page fully gussied up!

Tanya currently resides in State College PA, and her niche is creating amazing works with artificial flowers, but she also dabbles in knitting, crochet and jewellery making. She has an official Flauxers Website, an Etsy Shop, and an ArtFire shop where she sells all of her fun creations - flower jewellery, headbands, magnets, and my new personal fave - ornaments! 

Currently you'll find a 2009 YEAR END SALE!!! Just enter 'YearEndSale' in the message to seller, and you'll receive a 25% refund via Paypal! Plus, as an added bonus, this sale coincides with Flauxers December Monthly Blooms. Are you wondering what Monthly Blooms are!? Every month, Tanya chooses a certain flower theme, and marks those items down by 10%. This month's 'Blooms' are on all items containing Poinsettias or Holly! To keep track of all the great things Tanya is up to, sales she's having, or even just to read up on her regular 'Friday Flower Facts', make sure to follow Tanya's Blog.

Where else can you find Tanya? Lots of places!
Flauxers on MCC
Flauxers on Facebook
Flauxers on Twitter


Maggie currently resides in Columbia, SC, and is one of my newer buddies - we seem to be joining up on all the same sites! She's also a proud member of EtsyBloggers, and of course now she's on MCC as well! Her Etsy Shop is full of everything cross stitch, from patterns to finished works! 

Along with cross stitching, Maggie loves embroidery, needlework, knitting, sewing, papercrafts, felting and designing cross stitch and embroidery patterns!

I highly recommend checking out Magpie's Blogspot; it not only has her upcoming products, but wonderful tips and recipes too! I'm loving "Maggie's Fabulicious Sweet Potato Casserole"!!!  

Where are all the places Maggie's at?!


Theresa has been such a joy to know! I met her when I joined up on MCC and she was one of my first friends. Since then I've been a regular follower of Theresa's Blog and Facebook, and even won her November Chill Giveaway! Yesterday I received my prize, wonderful fingerless mitts, a pendant with matching earrings, and she even added in a cute Christmas canvas bag and a werthers original candy - my fave! :)

Theresa resides in Meriden CT, and is a creator of many things - from jewellery to knitted pretties - you're sure to find something you love at her Etsy Shop! Beyond what she sells, she also enjoys candle making, drawing, decorative painting, gourd-art, papercrafts and photography.

Her current sales include: FREE SHIPPING through Friday December 18th, plus, she's having a Buy one get one 50% off on all her individually sold jewellery pieces! Just enter the code BOGO50 in message to seller.

Where else can you find Faerie Moon??

FaerieMoon on MCC
FaerieMoon on Facebook
FaerieMoon on Twitter


Maile is another new friend of mine whom I met on MCC! She currently resides in Manchester NH, and is a creator of gorgeous painted works! Along with making dull things pretty, she also creates beautiful jewellery pieces and fun ornaments! Make sure to check out HeavenlyHomes on MCC, as she has pictures up of a handpainted fan that I'm absolutely in love with.

Along with her many talents, Maile also enjoys fabric-art, knitting, metal-crafts, mosaics, polymer clay, scrapbooking, sewing and woodworking! She has a wide range of various craft types on her Etsy Shop, you're sure to find something that you'll love to see in your home! 

Where else can you find HeavenlyHomes?
HeavenlyHomes on MCC
HeavenlyHomes Blog
HeavenlyHomes on Twitter


Urska is one of the sweetest people I've ever met! We actually first met in the forums of Etsy, and I noticed that she's from Ljubljana, Slovenia! My family's homeland!! We started convo'ing back and forth and a friendship sprouted! I'm sure to make a trip out to meet her when I go visit my parents in Vienna :)

Urska just recently joined up on MCC, and she makes incredibly gorgeous jewellery! She mixes an elegant choice of beads with her handmade polymer creations to make these one of a kind pieces absolutely beautiful! Definitely check out her Etsy Shop to see her incredible talent!

Where else can you find Urska?
Urssika on MCC
Urssika on Facebook


I discovered BriAnna one day while searching through our many wonderful and talented MCC members, and fell in love with her creations! I was also quite excited to see that she resides in Nova Scotia, my dad's homeland!! Bri does absolutely wonderful work in turning driftwood into jewellery holders - I had my eye on one, and whilst I was checking my Paypal balance to see if I could swing it, someone else bought it! You gotta be quick! I can just imagine one of these "DriftyGems" on my wall here in the craft room. I'll just have to imagine one there for awhile until I can afford it :)

Along with turning driftwood into art, Bri also enjoys drawing, jewellery making, metal-crafts, scrapbooking, and obviously woodworking!

Definitely take a moment to check out Bri:
BriCheese on MCC
BriCheese on Etsy


Veronika is a brand spanking new member on MCC! I fell in love with her shop - not only is everything Organic, she's eco-conscious and honest! As she states in her Etsy Shop announcement "Herbolution is not only a personal care product manufacturer but also pursues a mission to educate average consumer about healthy body, healthy communities and healthy Planet. We try to recall ancient knowledge and co-build sustainable future."

Plus, her product pictures are fabulous!!

Veronika resides in Harrison NJ, and also enjoys candle making, papercrafts and sewing! Be sure to visit Herbolution on Etsy for amazing organic products for your whole family!

Where else can you find Herbolution?
Herbolution on MCC
Herbolution on Facebook
Herbolution on Twitter

Alright kids, I hope you enjoyed my features today! We have so many talented folks over on MCC; I could go on and on! But don't worry, I'll be back on a regular basis to introduce all my lovelies to this wonderful community!

And if you happen to already be part of this community could you do me a favour and join my new group, Canucks?! Lol.. I have 2 fabulous members already, but I'd love to see many more! You don't have to be Canadian to join! As I say in the description:

"Being Canadians and selling online in U.S. based venues, we often find hurdles that are sometimes difficult to overcome! This group is a place to discuss and help eachother out, and it's not only for those living in the North! Everyone is welcome!"

Plus I have up 3 great discussions that I'd love some feedback on:
Shipping to and from Canada
Humour, Humor? Favorite, Favourite? Tagging away your items!

And on a side note regarding the tagging - I'd like to add that all MCCers are welcome to tag their etsy, (or artfire, or 1000markets, what have you) items with MCC! Let's support our community, and find eachother so much easier on our selling venues. A few of our members on etsy have already started tagging with MCC, so go ahead and type in MCC in the search bar, and find some amazing crafts :)

Have a happy Wednesday! :)


Faerie Moon Creations said...

What an awesome post! Lots of lovely crafters listed here. :) Hope to see a photo of you in your mitts soon! Have a GREAT day (are you doing a jig yet?). :) Theresa

Sasha and Veronika said...

Thank you so much! It was so surprizing for me this morning to see it :) We all appreciate you time and kind eforts.
I will repost the link on our Facebook fan page!


Flauxers said...

YAY!!! Thank you so much for including my shop! :) I love reading what you have on your blog - it brightens my day. :) Another great write up!!! :)

Beth said...

I'm an MCC member. I guess I should start tagging! Loving the driftwood :)

Bethany Dirksen said...

Hmmmm....MCC I will need to look this up. Thanks for the fun showcases.

Kathryn Lantz said...

Thanks for the comments my lovelies! Check back often 'cause I'll be doing atleast one of these a week. Maybe I'll try a "theme" one day? Hmmm. So many ideas! :)

ps yes Theresa, I danced a jig all 5 times!! hee hee

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