Is my blog interesting?! lol

I'll be making just a short little post here! So much to do today! So I apologize to all of you hoping for my rants.. I don't have time to make them hehe...

Which brings me to a question for all of you lovely readers! Fellow MyCraftCorner members along with myself, were discussing what makes a great blog. And one of those members, JennieWaterous, said that a very reputable blogging website said that blog posts should be kept short and sweet to keep the attention of the reader. With so many people in the world having busy schedules, multi-tasking and of course having ADHD, if they're more than a few paragraphs, people lose interest and move on.

Then I gasped! Even my short blogs aren't that short! LOL... So my dear readers, do I cut down on the ranting? Should I break those gigantic blogs up so that I'm writing a few a day, or spreading it out throughout the week? DO I write blogs that are much too long?!

I realize my middle name is Tangent, so I automatically have issues with short blog posts (I used to say my middle name was Procrastination, but it was too long for my birth certificate, so my Mom just put "Anne" instead - but lately I've been getting better with the procrastination! Well.. Maybe I just got sick of rushing all the time! I've been doing it all my life, so that I only had 2 speeds, lazing around and feverishly finishing a project. I used to say in highschool that it works much better for me and I'm beginning to really realize how much I freakin' tangent.)

Maybe that's what I got to stop doing!

But isn't that fun!? I thought it was fun! hehe

So please dear readers, I ask you all. Keep 'em long and crazy, or cut 'em down and keep the eccentric kerfuffle to a minimum? Or should I desperately try for a happy medium?! And while I'm at it, is there something I can do to make this blog more interesting for you all?

It's such a hard thing really, keeping your blog interesting, because so many interests vary. Some people say "I hate it when business blogs blog about their dogs! It's a business blog, keep it business!" and others say "I hate it when business blogs don't blog about personal things! Like, let me know a bit about you, do you have a dog?!" Well I definitely have a dog. And his poo makes me wanna wretch!

But yes, busy busy day today! I've been working on getting to know all of you wonderful people who signed up for My Craft Corner, reconnecting with members that have been on for awhile, joining up with more groups, and chatting up a storm! On the non business side, I'm cleaning, organizing all the freakin' Christmas presents, trying to make my own cards to send out, organize my craft room because it's driving me crazy and working on the presents I'm making for some fam! And I already feel like I wanna pass out!

Just for a heads up - I will be taking a one week hiatus from the features this week! I know, I'm horrible! I love to bring you more features and meeting all these great people! BUT I'm still celebrating. And I will still be featuring this week, yet it will be on members of MCC! I'm going to introduce all of you to a crafting extravaganza if you will, a whole lot of artists whose works I love and I want to share :) PLUS I want to rework my feature questions, I'm getting kinda bored typing the same ones over twice a week. Once I'm back on track, I'll let you all know!

Oh, and I also wanna change my whole blog appearance yet again. Why do I keep adding more projects onto my already hectic schedule?! Thank God I don't have a day job to get in my way :)

Okay, so, this to me is short. But it's still too long isn't it?!!? LOL

Have a great day everyone!!


Mary said...

MyCraftCorner sounds interesting, I will have to sign up over there!

About the blog post length - I don't see a problem with how long your posts are. You shouldn't have to feel the need to suppress yourself if you already have followers who do take the time to know you better through your blog :)

For fun, though, you could challenge yourself to write a shorter post one day to see how you like it. Or write like you normally do and edit parts that might not be as "skim" friendly.

Barbra said...

As long as the posts are informative/interesting/humorous don't worry about the length and yours are all of the above. Length for me depends on the temperature in my house...if it's cold I can't type!

PonderandStitch said...

I see what people are saying- I try and keep my blog posts short because I know people are busy and others just don't want to do that much reading! I like your blog, though- for reasons like the word 'kerfuffle' and the thought of you gagging at dog poo. I would do the same. That's why I like you!!

Love the blog. Keep it up. :)

Creative Dragonfly said...

I like your blog just the way it is. I think some of my blog posts are waaaayyy too short. I love reading your blog.

joeyandaleethea said...

There are so many things on the web to jump to, click around to -- from one to the next, and they only require a moment to glance at, in order to get the idea. Ads just take a second. Things flash across screen all the time. So if I want to read something short, I go to Facebook. For even shorter, I go to Twitter. If I want even shorter than that...and hardly any text, I go to Flickr. But when it comes to blogs, bog reading is really the only time I actually sit and read, and focus for more than a couple of minutes. So personally? I like to read long blogs. Maybe that's because I'm a longer blogger myself usually. Or maybe because I'm not a ranter in real-life...but boy can I rant on in the comments!!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

If a post is interesting (as your seem to be!) I will read a long post :)
I do like lots of photos though too :)
I say do what YOU's your blog :)

Kathryn Lantz said...

Thank you everyone!!
It's so great to have input on this topic.. there's so many blog "do's and don'ts" that it can be really confusing!
While I've always thought we should all just do what we like, cause it's our blog, it helps to have readers lol.
So if I annoy the readers, what's the point of a blog?!
So yes, thank you all for your wonderful input! While I'm probably going to continue with the huge posts, I'm going to try to post more often so there won't be monster ones in the middle of the week :)

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