Completely confused

Okay so I'm still unsure of what direction I want my blog to go in. I was discussing my blog with Reggie from MyCraftCorner and she posed a very thought provoking question. What do I hope to accomplish with my blog? Basically, what is the point of it?

*Snort* What IS the point of it? What do I want it to do? What is it currently doing for me?

I guess I've been thinking a LOT about this lately because I finally watched Julie and Julia (although I have to watch it again, because I watched it with my mother-in-law and we ended up talking through most of it about Christmas plans!) But after watching it, I got kinda down. Julie's blog was followed, read, and loved. That's exactly what I want from my own.

I've always wanted to be a writer (I've always wanted to be a lot of things!) but in highschool, I was always told by my teachers I'd never go anywhere, because I write the way I talk. In my creative writing course, I'd get bad marks not because of spelling or grammar or subject, but because they personally didn't like my "style". So I pretty much gave up those dreams, and pursued other venues that I really deep down didn't want to do! (HA! Alliteration! I learned *something*!)

And then I see authors like Jen Lancaster (Who I have such an incredible girl crush on), love her books to pieces and low and behold! *GASP* what is this?! She writes the way she talks?! AND she's a successful author!? Makes me wanna go back to highschool and bitch slap a few people LOL. But then again, it was MY choice to listen to them. So if I'm gonna do some bitch slapping, it's gotta be to myself.

I never actually wanted to have a blog, as I've probably mentioned the only reason I started one in the first place was to keep my folks updated to the "goings on" whilst they lived overseas. (Of course I wouldn't mention when we wrecked something in their house... HA! I'm kidding Dad, really!) And I wasn't a regular writer. When I was younger (and by younger I mean in my 20's. *sigh*) writing was such a release for me, anytime that I was upset, I would write, and I'd instantly feel better. I wrote on Live Journal and Blather. And I won't be posting links to those, because it got *really* personal! lol. But I loved it. And I still love it. And this blog has gotten me back on track with wanting so desperately to write that book I always dreamed about. But who wants to read about my life?

I think I've had an interesting life. Not exciting by any means, but I've been through a lot of tough times, and have gotten through them. I'm still standing! But I'm still struggling, as with so many others out there. So really, what would make my story different from anyone else's?

But okay I've already gotten off topic! (Now there's a surprise! Pffft!) Back to ze blog!

What do I want to accomplish with this blog? 

1. Promoting my business
2. Helping others
3. Giving people a laugh

Am I accomplishing that? That's what I'm unsure of, and that's what I'm currently trying to figure out. How should I use it to promote, how am I helping others, and how do I make it enjoyable all at the same time?

You may notice my blog going all over the freakin' place in the next few weeks. Some aspects I've been doing have just not been working, and other aspects I haven't been working hard enough on! Maybe a new look will help to start things off.

So my lovelies, what do YOU hope to accomplish with your blog? And, are you doing it?

Have a great Wednesday! (I'm confident I have the right day this time!)


Faerie Moon Creations said...

I think you're doing a nice job with your blog. :) You are helping others, and you are promoting what you do. Your sense of humor is quite evident through your writing, which makes it very entertaining. Your blog should reflect YOU and your personal style. You can't please everyone all of the time. My blog was a little disjointed when I first started, but I think I'm developing a nice little groove now. :) Just keep doing what you're doing - and the rest should fall into place. :) Theresa

BeadedTail said...

I enjoy reading your blog! I write like I talk too so I see absolutely nothing wrong with that! :D Your blog has to be fun for you so just go with what you feel like writing about. I write about my pets since most of my readers are pets that have their own blog (yep, there's a lot out there!) or their pet loving owners. I squeeze in my Etsy stuff from time to time too.

jane p said...

u make me crack a smile, even so early in the morning.

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