Ponder & Stitch is having a giveaway!

Amy at Ponder & Stitch is having a giveaway!! Her work is absolutely amazing - she's incredibly talented. I've been following her blog for just about 3 weeks now, and am blown away every time she posts about a new item on her Ponder & Stitch esty shop. She's reached her 2 month "blog-iversary", and is celebrating with a fantastic giveaway for one of her amazing cuffs! (shown above) So go check out Ponder & Stitch's blog and enter! You won't be disappointed!

(In other news, YES! my contest is still going on, so don't you all forget to enter it!! If you missed that blog, check it out here. So far I've had 10 or so people enter (and are collecting lots of entries!) but there's still plenty of time to participate! Everyone likes free stuff right? Especially when it's shipped free, AND you pick the photo that you want to win! How great is that?!)

Oh, and in even other news, I'll be posting again in the next 2 days with photos of the 5 billion things I'm currently working on! PLUS I'll be heading out to the printers tomorrow to get some quotes on some stuff!! Very excited, because October is gonna be one busy month. My shop is getting a complete overhaul as I'm splitting my work and getting an entirely new shop.. (and new blog? Hmm... ) and hopefully if all goes well, I'll be having lots and lots of new and exciting merchandise for sale like Christmas cards! Woohoo.. hope you have a sense of humour :)

Have a great night!


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