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By the way, this is my new banner on etsy.. does it look alright?

I *think* i added the button correctly. Problem is, since I'm already a fan of myself, it just says "you are a fan" and doesn't show the button. Even when i log out of *everything*, do a web search for myself, and click on the blog, i still see "you are a fan" instead of a button. So this is what confuses me. Does it actually have a button for "become a fan" or not?!

Oy. This same thing happened when i made my fan page to begin with. I never saw the button so i wasn't sure if i was adding it correctly. I had to log in using someone else's facebook (with permission!) to see if it was there.

So, any blog followers out there, *please* do me a favour and see if there's actually a friggin' button? LOL. I don't trust that i did it right without that verification that in fact i did! And please, once seeing if it is there, feel free to click on it hehe.

I'm also working on changing my web addy for facebook, since you can now get your own web addy before you get 100 fans. But alas, it's not working for me. Is that a surprise to anyone? Cause it certainly ain't one for me! hehe.

Okay, and just because this makes me laugh so much, i added in a pic of my puppy Kermit meeting his "cousin" Diesel for the first time. Their faces are priceless.


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