Contest is almost up! But guess what's coming?! FEATURE FRIDAY!

Okay 2 days left until the giveaway is over - the winner will be announced on September 28th and will be chosen by random draw! I'll announce the winner on the blog, my facebook fan page, twitter, and even in my shop announcement on my etsy site. I'll also contact the winner as well by every and all venues just incase! Then all i ask of the winner is to email me with their addy so i can send their prize!

As soon as that's done, another exciting project will be underway - "Feature Friday"!! Every week, I'll be choosing one follower of mine and featuring their blog/etsy site/whatever else they want me to! First, I'll ask permission to feature you - who knows, maybe you're having a busy week and don't have the time! Then I'll be sending you a small questionnaire to fill out, and I'll also request any pictures you'd like to see in your feature. Personally, I'd love pics of your products (obviously!) but I'd also love to see a pic of YOU! It's great putting a face to the name, but if you'd prefer to keep it a mystery - i won't pressure you :)

Now, if you really really REALLY wanna be featured, and can't wait for your name to be pulled, i will take requests. Keep in mind this won't be the only time you'll ever see your shop featured on my blog. Please let me know when you're doing contests and giveaways and I'll mention them all for you, whether you're currently being featured or not. :)

My Feature Friday's will officially start next week, October 2nd! I'm very excited! Oh, and just incase you think I'm a big mystery, here's my mug... hehe


Anonymous said...

Aw, cute pic! Is that a tiara???
Yay, features!

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