Giveaway has officially closed!

Okay so, now that the giveaway has ended, it's time for me to make sure i've got all your entries in a row, and i will be using the site (i believe that's the one? i have it bookmarked, but can never remember what it's called!) and will be announcing the winner on the 28th!!

I think it's been pretty successful with the amount of people and entries - especially for my first one! Although i'm thinking it lasted too long, no? Cause i think a lot of you have forgotten that you entered - i know i would have by this point! Next time, it'll be a lot shorter!

When i announce the winner, i'll be putting the announcement on all the venues, plus messaging them if i have the contacts for them! If for some reason I can't get a hold of the winner after 2 weeks, i'll hafta do another draw! :)

Starting next week i'll be doing the "Feature Friday" and the first person that will be featured is... drum roll please... Fraidycatcreations! So make sure you all stop in on Friday, October 2nd to officially meet Pat! :)

Have a great friday everyone!


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