Pooholes and cards and all that jazz

I thought I'd just write a short little blog to let you all know I'm still here! Been super busy colouring my ass off, and driving myself crazy by brainstorming for a new shop name...

The colouring my ass off (wish that really worked.. huh) is for my new line of Christmas cards, which I'd like to add in sneak peeks here. These aren't all of them, but they're the ones I'm currently working on. These are just the first draft line drawings, and of course, just little peeks. And I'm not even going to explain what any of them are! HA!

Okay so, I'm seeing a theme here. Huh. Bum holes and screaming. Wow, my Christmas cards are festive aren't they?!

As for brainstorming for a new shop name, I'm gonna take the lazy route and just paste in a little excerpt from my other blog "That's gonna leave a stain" where i discussed my dilemmas just last night!

In etsy news, still desperately trying to think of a shop name for my photography. I desperately want to split the shops, but figuring out a name is driving me crazy. I want something original. I want something professional. I want something humourous. And all those things combined makes it extremely difficult. When i type in "sassmowth" into google, ALL i get is my stuff. Of course it does the "did you mean sassmoUth" and i say loudly everytime "NOOOooooOOO i did NOT mean sassmoooouuuuuuuth! Thank you very much!" Great thing about using a different spelling means you have a better chance of finding your stuff. BUT a different spelling also means people will forever be spelling your shop name the *correct* way, and never finding you. (Do you know how many emails i haven't gotten because of this?!) So that's why I'm not naming my shop SassmowthPhotography. Things that I have come up with so far: Crosseyed Photography, PoorHouse Photography, (and thanks to my daddoo) Wandering Eye photography. (just so we're all clear - i *have* a wandering eye. And I'm poor. So that's the reason for these names being the first to mind!) But, can you believe wandering eye photography is already a photography shop? geez. So is crosseyed AND poor house. I've been trying to find tweaks on photo related words (EyesWideShutter - already taken! ShutterYourMouth - already taken! I think i should give up on "shutter") But to no avail. Then i read an interesting forum on etsy about how people came up with their shop name. I'm like ooh hey, maybe I'll get some ideas of what i can use. So a lot of people were talking about using their name "meaning" for their shop. So i was like, cool, I'll type in my name for the "meaning" and i got "VIRGINAL". There we go. That'll do. Yup. Sounds great.

Does sound great doesn't it? I certainly thought so. Oh, got all the info I need for my upcoming Feature Friday! So excited for starting this... and i already have the second installment underway. Hopefully it'll be a success!

Okay, before i run off, there's one more thing. The other day on the chats, Ponder&Stitch and I happened to be talking about pictures of ourselves, and she was saying there's one in particular that she hated 'cause she looked bad, and I kept saying 'puh! do NOT'. Well then i brought up Weird Al. Basically it was along the lines of me saying atleast you weren't a spitting image of Weird Al, and all i really had to do was draw on a moustache! So, here ya go Amy, see for yourself m'dear! Enjoy!

Okay so I also drew on the chesthair! Just so you all know! :)


PonderandStitch said...

OMG!!!! hahahahahaha you drew on chest hair, even!! LOL you are the funniest thing ever! I say you are way prettier than Weird Al. lol..thanks for making my day!!!


Car Farm Creations said...

Well, you hands down girly are the funniest thing ever.

Anonymous said...

Baaaaaahahahahahaha!!! awesome!

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