Another giveaway! - Hosted by Boutique Stitches!

Just wanted to inform everyone of an awesome giveaway hosted by Boutique Stitches!

The amazing etsy artisan being featured is Sleepy Moon Design, check out her etsy shop here. She makes incredible jewellery that's top quality and absolutely gorgeous! My personal fave is the hammered necklace .

Plus, if you notice her shop announcement, she has FREE world wide shipping! Woohoo! And since she's a fellow canuck, I'm *of course* going to support her! That's just a given. (not that i wouldn't support anyone from other countries! But c'mon, we canucks gotta stick together hehe)

So head on over to Boutique Stitches blog, and enter this great giveaway!! C'mon people, times a-wastin'!!

(But again, don't forget MY giveaway is still going on!! So if you haven't entered yet, do it now!!! Here's the blog on the contest details, and here's another blog on an update! - since i just joined twitter, gotta include those entries for tweets!)


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