And the WINNER is....

ALTERED BEAUTY!! The winner was chosen using the site, where every contestant was given a range of numbers based on their entries. So congratulations Altered Beauty! I've already posted on your blog with my email address, so if you could please contact me with your address so I can get your pic in the mail! Oh, and if the pic I've posted on this blog wasn't the one you chose (or if you've changed your mind!) let me know! :)

Thanks so much to everyone that entered my contest! There will definitely be more in the future! :)

And I'll have another blog posting later today, but for now, the puppy is whinin' and needs to go out! Have a great day everyone!


Altered Beauty said...

Thanks so much!!! I sent my info to you on Etsy :-D

Giftbearer said...

Very humorous introduction to your blog at top!

Check out my shop on etsy please!

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