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So, one of the many things I have on the go is a decorative scarf. The end result will have bead work on it as well. This is onna those things that i hope it's worth making! I always bought my yarn at Michaels arts and crafts because hey, i get a discount. And i figured, this is pretty much all the yarn that's out there, right? WRONG! My husband insisted i check out Spun Fibre Arts, so i thought, alright. Might find some cool new yarns. I went into shock as soon as i walked into the store. None of the yarns there would be found at a place like Michaels. There were kinds i've never seen, never heard of. All it of was incredible! The quality of it was amazing, unlike i've ever seen! (but of course, so were the prices!) I fell in love with this store, but it made me cry at the same time because at 10, 20, 30, 150 dollars a ball, there was no way i'd be able to afford to stock up on this stuff! The Friar insisted i buy atleast a few balls of yarn, and he'd fit the bill. Aww ain't that sweet. So, this scarf is made from 2 of those balls! It's call Filati Fantasia Mondrian 100% cotton from Italy. It took me quite a few weeks to decide what to make with it, because this isn't just any old yarn. I just hope I made the right choice!

You may wonder what the juice container in the picture is there for! Well, it perfectly fits my yarn, and with the yarn end coming out the juice pourin' hole, it's great for keeping any dust/pet hair outta the yarn - because even though i crochet in a pet free room, once in a while one of those bugger hairs embark on a "great escape - freedom in craft room land" adventure. Thanks yarn lady at Spun! That was a fantastic idea!

So if anyone has any comments on my scarf, whether it be i made the wrong choice as to what i did with the expensive yarn, or you think it's cute and can't wait to see it with the eventual bead work, please let me know! I'd love the input!

Off to crochet some more. Have a fantabulous day everyone!


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