The new Blog

Okay so, since i've been meeting so many people from etsy, and getting involved in the "community", i've noticed a lot of fellow etsy artisans have blogs as well. But theirs aren't filled with diabetes, dog poop and troubles with tribbles! So i figured, why the heck not have a blog *just* for my crafts? Good idea i think! So, here i will update and post new crafts i've done and talk about crafting mishaps, ideas, bad ideas, and my adventures of running a business!

Hopefully it goes well! I'll be back tomorrow (and i will be this time! Promise!) to update with photos of things i have already done, and updates on how my shop is doing! And i have to learn to stop using so many of these dang things --> !!!!! because apparently in my first draft of my etsy announcement, that's all i used. I guess i was excited!

So everyone, welcome to my new blog! Of course you can always still visit me at my original one for humourous insights on my mad cap life.

And here's one of my new photos for you all to enjoy. Smurf Village 8x10 Fine Art Photograph.

I was very tempted to grab my smurf figurines and place them around the town!


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