Edited the photos

So, i'm absolutely exhausted. I just spent i don't know how many hours editing the flower photos listed on etsy. During a "virtual lab" where my public shop is critiqued, it was suggested that i show the listed photos in mattes or frames to give a better idea of sizing as well as what that particular photo would look like once matted or framed. I then took a pic of each one in a white matte and another in a dark frame, and uploaded it all to my listings. It was also suggested that i use more tags so people could find me easier.

Now that it's all done, i'm beat! Too much time spent on the computer for me. While i was at it, i uploaded 4 more photos for sale, and posted them to facebook as well to my Sassmowth Designs on Etsy fan page. (all facebook fans receive a 10% discount on all my products!)

Here are some of the photos for sale including the 4 new ones:

Daisy 8x10 (you may recognize this one from my header!)

Poppy 8x10

TigerLily 8x10

Rose of Sharon White 8x10

Tiger Lily 8x10
(this photo is one of my faves!) I took it between the lattice fence near the driveway.

Okay, off to do some more tweaking on one of my many sites!


Not Your Average Mom said...

the daisy is my fave....as well as that pink one with a bright blue sunny sky background...forgive my lack of floralisms, I have a brain block that denies any floral recognition other than "daisy", "tulip" or "carnation". Nice, huh?
Anyhow, you have beautiful work, prayers for your success here!
Love T

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