Gettin' a little organized

Ya so my craftroom is a big pile of poo. (yes i know i said i'd delete "poo" themed stories from my crafting blog, but sometimes ya just gotta say poo) I have so many crafts in here, it's unbelievable. And it's been hard to organize the room in such a way that it's possible to have "sections".

I have the drafting table, the sewing table (which i have yet to use my brand spanking new sewing machine! that would be because i haven't found the time to get needles and thread for it, or uh, fabric. And hmm.. i also have to learn how to sew! Right!) i have numerous shelving units, and cabinets, and drawers, but there's still more stuff than space! Between tote after tote of yarn, and canvas everywhere, and portfolios and tripods and stuffing and shipping supplies and lets not forget the avon supplies! Yeesh, i finally got that in control.

So yes, went to a nifty store (and believe me i could have spent all day in there) called Storage Solutions or something of the like. I got stackable bins for the avon supplies (the free samples, the product for sale, stuff like that) and a large tote to hold all my finished crochet projects, and some books and totes to hold the photography for sale. So i've been pretty busy! I still have a long way to go though! But atleast it's a start. It's much easier to be creative in a room where you're not constantly looking around thinking "where the hell am i gonna put that thing?!"

Well, i'm not taking pics of this mess in progress, so i'll just leave you with another photo that i haven't yet put up on etsy.

Wheelbarrow 8x12


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