The beading is coming along

So, since I mentioned the scarf in yesterdays blog post... was it yesterday? My days are all messed up since my hubby was on nights and i found myself staying up all night in fear i wouldn't hear the alarm at 4am to go pick him up! Anyhoo, the last blog post mentioned the beading i've been doing, and today i took the pics. I'm relatively new to beading on crochet items (not new to beading and not new to crochet, but the mix of the 2.. ya, that's new!) But i thought this scarf needed to be dressed up a little bit. Add some bling! It's a gorgeous yarn (and an expensive one!) and i felt the yarn deserved some special attention! Check out the pics of the beading in progress - i'd love any comments (good ones OR bad ones - don't worry, i can take it!) And i'm also planning on doing a bit of a beaded fringe on each end of the scarf... Good idea?! Or bad one?!

(for all the pics of this scarf in progress, check out my facebook fan page! Sassmowth Designs On Etsy - and don't forget to be a fan! All fans get 10% off all items on my shop, and pretty soon i'll be starting contests where all fans are eligible to receive free merchandise!!)

I had a good question about it the other day, like, hey, how big is it?! Well, it's 68 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide. So it's perfect to wear as just an accessory to sass up any outfit wrapped around once, or wrap it around your neck a few times on those chilly fall days!

In other news, i'm contemplating printing my Christmas cards myself. I was hoping to go to a printer and get a bunch done, but i dunno. Can't afford to do large orders, and if i print them, cut them, and stick 'em, i can pretty them up as i see fit. Who knows. I still have to head on down to 3 printers next week to get pricing, and then i'll make my final decision!

I was on the etsy chats today and some fellow etsyers were discusing how they re list items often to stay on top of the searches. I know it doesn't cost much to list or re list an item, but i can see it getting pretty pricey after awhile and not sure if it's something i should be doing! Do any of you re list often, and does it help?

Another thing i've been toying with is splitting into 2 shops - SassmowthDesigns and SassmowthPhotography. I still have 12 photos to list, have 3 albums full of photos that i still have to consider listing, so many shots i want to take, and it just seems like my photography is taking up so much space that when i do add more of my other items they'll not even get seen. I have 2 sections other than photography right now which is SassmowthCrochet and SassmowthGoGreen, but i still need a section for original art, art prints, custom art for kids, seasonal items, and greeting cards. Things i also do but think i won't bother putting up on etsy are tshirt design and jewelery making - there's so many etsyers who make jewelery, and a large percentage of those are one heck of alot better than me! Plus, with so many other projects on the go, i needed to cut some out! (hmm.. maybe thats why i'm beading on my crochet!)

Oy, too many things to think about! And not enough money to consider most! Problem is, since i desperately need money, i should be getting a full time job, but if i had a full time job i couldn't make anything to sell! Sucks big time. BUT i have just enough money to get all my supplies and anything else i need, so let's hope i have some sales soon! :) Wish me luck!


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