Added more photos, and other exciting news!


Okay adding more photos technically isn't *that* exciting, but it kinda is, since it's been a week since i've added any. I've been toying with the idea of creating a whole new shop (well not "whole new" since it will be called Sassmowth Photography! heh) but it seems like alotta work lol. I know i eventually will, but i'm going to need to put more of my non-photographical products up first so that i don't leave my original shop with nothing to choose from! So, i started again adding photos to my original shop, and will have to keep doing so until i have more product.

Wheel Barrow BW -8x12

Speaking of more product, i have alot on the go! I'm still working on the beading scarf (needed a break from beading, the bending over the small table i use was starting to kill my back!) i've crocheted 3 pairs of fingerless gloves that i still need to add a little "skull-bling" to.. hey i can all that sking! I need to add sking to 3 pairs of gloves. And i have about 5 new fingerless glove pattern ideas in my head that i need to get outta there soon or i'll forget them. But i'm sick of having too many not-fully-completes in my basket, so i really need to finish some other projects before i head onto new ones! I have yet to take pics of all my new gloves, (and all my new scarves, and blankets and the list goes on!) but i'll get to all that eventually. Right now i'm a little sick of using my camera since i've taken pics of the photos for sale in mattes and frames, and all that good stuff, plus i used it alot on Saturday when i met THE SOUP NAZI!! HA! Even got a pic of him where he wrote "Kat - NO SOUP FOR YOU" how hilarious is that. I'm so framing that and putting it in my kitchen!

Smurf Village Mushrooms BW - 8x10

In other news, I met a great fellow etsy artisan on the chats last night! Tanya from Flauxers! Definitely check out her blog here, and here you can see all her amazing products for sale on her etsy site! I hafta say, her fake flower accessories are so good, that when i saw her photos of them for sale, i thought she was a fellow flower photographer! But no, those were just her product shots! She also was helping me out with tons of advice, which is always *greatly* appreciated! And thanks to Tanya, I will very very soon start up a contest on my blog and facebook for a free giveaway!! Stay tuned, because it will start this week!!

Rose of Sharon Pink 1 - 8x10

Aw geez, just read that last paragraph and noticed all the !!!!'s in it! I swear i sometimes do those more often then these .... For crying out loud. Sorry to everyone that that annoys! hehe.

Alright, time to go write a blog on my other blog, and then i'll probably get back to either more fingerless gloves, a baby blanket, beading, drawing Christmas cards, or photographing something!

Have a great day everyone! I'll update again soon!


PonderandStitch said...

You met the soup nazi?!!!! OMG! I'm jealous!!

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