Busy Bee

I've just spent much too long on the phone and searching the web! I'm currently looking for a printing company that will print greeting cards for my Christmas card stock. (very excited about these!!) Ashley at Vireo is also planning on doing cards this year, so hopefully with both of us printing some, maybe a company can cut us some sort of deal.

Problems with a lot of companies are they only do long runs (minimum 500 cards of one style) because they do plates for the cards. While this is a great thing if i knew i'd sell a lot, I don't have that much spare moola if ya know what i mean. So far i've found a couple that do short run digital prints, and i'm going in to see one guy after August 31st with a few of my samples so we can discuss options.

Hopefully it all pans out! I need some monies!

In other news, i got an inquiry for a possible custom order of one of my Poppy pictures. They want a reeeallly big one! So i quoted prices and let her know there's alot more poppy prints i haven't put up yet if she wants to see those as well. Cause the shipping will stay the same if there's more prints being shipped, so it'll be a bit of a dealski. Let's hope she still wants it! I need a sale! :)

Off i go, finally got my beads today to do some bead work on the italianed-yarn scarf i did!

Have a great day kids!


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