Getting back to weird

*gasp* I lost 2 blog followers today LOL.. Hmm.. d'ya think they followed during OWOH and now that's its over and they saw my post and they didn't win that they stopped following? There's an idea! Although, I guess it's a legitimate thing to do! So I can't be too upset about it.

While I LOVE the concept of One World One Heart I'm afraid a few of the players were only in it for the giveaways. While we all love winning things (I won nothing.. *le sigh*) the chance to be introduced to people all over the world is far more exciting. Some people say that's because I'm nosey. I reply by asking them what my name is. Ya that's right. And curiosity hasn't killed me yet :)

Later on today I will be trekking down to the post office to send off the photographs for my 3 lovely winners, Top floor T, The Paper Princess, and PEA! I love PEA's name cause it's fun to yell hee hee.

I've really gotta make more time to blog these days, because I'm driving my hubs crazy. As soon as I pick him up for work I turn into Chatty Kathy and he's looking for my string so he can rip it out. Okay off topic, what I have to do within the next 10 minutes: print off business cards (YES I make my own, and the peeps that throw out homemade business cards can kiss my ass) get rid of my collection of Tim Hortons cups so I can stop knocking them over, and clean up my desk so I can actually work on it later on today. Okay good, I've written it down so now I HAVE to do it.

Oh, and just so everyone's clear, my blog title isn't saying "Getting back to NORMAL" because I never have been :) 

Alright my lovelies! This week I hope to do some much needed catching up on my wonderful EtsyBloggers, amazing MCC features and the rants you all so love. I have a lot of them by the way. Tons. Loads! But, as it always goes, I have all these issues I wanna get off my chest, but as soon as I open the blog window my mind goes blank. So I'll try to write them down, and *then* open blogger. That might help. (Y'know what would also help?? Psychiatric evaluation!) -Although if I do get onna those, my biggest fear might actually come to fruition. Being thrown into a mental ward!

OH! I just remembered one of the reasons I wanted to write a blog *snort* that's good. Something in there is working. Okay I was featured on a blog today! It was an absolutely fantastic surprise!! I recently met Monica through MyCraftCorner (like, this morning recently!) and she creates amazing jewellery and I hafta say, I love the way she photographs some of her jewellery! Anyhoodle, she had written a MCC blog post about her new blog, I went over to check it out and I loved it. She talks about not only her jewellery, but her personal life, and a post which broke my heart was this one: A Dictator's Horror.

Okay I'm off. Lots to do today and don't want the hubs to tsk tsk when he sees my lack of finished product lol. Alright he doesn't really do that, but thinking that keeps me motivated!

Have a fantasticular day my lovelies!

ps I need to get a paying job! And I realized today that I needed to do laundry because I was completely out of underwear.


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh dear, you best do some laundry!!! I am sad that One World One Heart is over; I think most of the participants were definitely involved to meet other individuals. I know that I was! I'm so very happy that I took part. And I am most certain that most of who are now following will stay with you for your witty and clever repartee! :) Congrats on your blog feature!
Talk to you soon, Theresa

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

I'm sorry you lost 2 peeps, I know that I would be wondering if I ticked someone off or I was too boring or sad. I think your blog is funny and I can practically hear you telling me these things as I read them. I suspect you end gasping for air sometimes... hee hee. Even though I don't know you in person, I can imagine you being very animated while you talk and I liked that. :)

leslie h (crookedstamper) said...

I only have 3 (maybe 4) blog readers, so I am obviously not blogging for the followers. I just do it for me. I'm selfish that way. ;-)

I also print my own business cards, and I also don't care if they keep them or not.

Clear off the craft table? I don't understand this concept. If I have a 6" square of space, I'm good.

And I only do laundry when I am dangerously close to being out of undies. It's how I roll.

The Paper Princess said...

Dear Kathyrn,

I'm sorry 2 of your peeps defected - I lost 2 of my feedburner readers during the OWOH period - I don't know why (except that they weren't there for OWOH, so I guess it WAS me, lol!) Although I prefer to think that maybe I just posted too much for their tastes, or they were too busy to read, or were just cutting back across the board and it wasn't personal. In any case, after the initial shock of the first defector, I decided to do my best to focus on all of the wonderful followers I DO have - many of who I probably don't even know (since I have no idea how to ID the feedburner readers!) That's why I call mine Kindred Spirits - I really want a community of people I can connect with - not a bunch of folk who are just looking for what's in it for them!

I was exploring your blog the other day and came across your Craft Room pics. I wanted to invite you to join a weekly blog challenge I participate in (it's informal really) - it's called WOYWW and every Wed, people take a few pics and post about what's on their workspace and all of the other nosey folk blog hop and leave comments and chat it up! It is lots of fun - you meet some wonderful artsy types that way! I am loving your blog and your wicked sense of humor - you actually remind me a lot of Julia, the woman who is the WOYWW ringleader - she is funny too - so I think you'd be a perfect fit for this! Anyway, if you stop by my blog today and read the post, you'll get some kudos and some idea of what it's about!

Leslie H - if you don't understand the concept of clearing off the craft table - you should come join in the fun too!

Anyway, I LOVE OWOH for the connections - I am so glad Lisa is leaving the links up so that we can continue to visit and meet people at our leisure -
that's what the true spirit of the event is about!

Ramona :-)

Bob said...

OK, if I lost two followers, that would be what? 50%??
Not really feeling too badly for you, especially since two of my "followers" are actually the same person, and the fourth one is some religious dude from South America.
I could figure out how to punt him off I suppose, but he represents 25%.

I'm pretty sure "crookedstamper" needs to be my friend, since I figure we're neck and neck when it comes to readership...

I know I did get a few strange hits once upon a time when I had inadvertantly put in certain words....but I'm not going to be referring to myself as a "boob", or talking about the "naked" truth, just to see which kind of perve is googling those things...
I suppose it could be some sort of sport, but I can't really plan what I talk about all that effectively.
And besides.....I don't really give a rat's tiny behind...

Becca said...

LOL it's funny, I tend to do a lot more stuff if I write it down where other people can see it too :D Giving serious consideration to using Twitter for a constantly updating "to do" list :D

Shona Cole said...

Kathryn, I am doing a saturday giveaway on my blog for folks signed up to follow (I think you may have originally found me from OWOH) anyhow, your name was picked as last Saturday's winner! So pop on over and choose one of the 3 'prizes' and I will get it in the mail to you. So you may not have won anything directly on OWOH, but you won because of it!
People come and go on my blog follower list all the time. I often wonder why they change their mind... was it something I said?!?

Shona Cole

Anonymous said...

Kat, please come and get your Beautiful Blogger Award from my post

Have a great day !

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