Finally I'm back again! lol

Finally, I'm back again lol. I've been quite busy lately, but have had the itch to blog. It's amazing how I can fall out of the routine of blogging once I've had a break. So now I have to force myself to blog before too much time passes and I forget about it all together!

I knew I've needed to blog... Poor Reggie (President of My Craft Corner).. I've been helping out a bit with the site and to keep eachother updated on what I've been doing and should be doing, we send short little emails back and forth. Well, hers are short little emails. Mine turn into 2 page mystery novels apparently. And why the mystery? Well, how in the world do I tangent from twitter to poop is beyond me. I must have some wicked talent. Too bad I can't get paid for that.

So to save her from reading through running paragraph after running paragraph just to find out if I did what I was supposed to, I thought hey, maybe it's time to blog again! I mean, I have enough to update about now! Yeesh. Sorry Reggie!

And what am I updating?? I've actually *listed something* in my Etsy! I still had the Christmas cards up for quite some time, but thought huh.. Maybe it's time to take those down! So all I had left in there was a couple of swiffer cloths, dusting mitts and a sad ol' bathmitt lol. I have so many projects on the go, yet nothing is complete, and I really gotta get off my ass and complete atleast ONE thing. I decided to do something relatively quick, just to put my shop back on the market. At Reggie's suggestion, I made Mothers Day cards! Yes, you may feel like that's a bit early, but hey, retail stores do it dammit! But then again, where the crap are my Valentines and St. Patty's Day and Easter Cards? Hmm.. Haven't drawn those up yet!

These Mother's Day cards don't have a bit of "Sass" in them, but hey, I can't be sassy to the Moms! Well, I could hehe.. But I won't! I also listed one other card just to hop on the "Owl" trend train, although who knows if there's still an owl trend??

And what else have I been working on? My next magazine spread! Which reminds me, I still have to show my first one! Okay I just took pics of the pages - keep in mind they're not the greatest images! I'm taking pics of the magazine on the floor with no flash. Ya, I think I need a scanner! Plus well, it's before 6am - I've been up since 315am and am currently on my second extra large Tim Hortons coffee, and well, I'm ready to go back to bed. So please forgive the photography.. I'll start out with the cover that I'm mentioned on! "Kat's Krafts - Holiday Gift bags - Page 39" Woohoo!

First page. You may have to zoom in to actually read it!

Second page! I even have a bio! It's being slightly adjusted for this issue coming out. But I mentioned Etsy!

This magazine is brand spanking new, and its website is It's geared towards young girls ages 10-16. The next issue coming out is a January/February issues, and the craft I do is Valentine's Day Frames! Very exciting!

Holy crap I forgot I was writing a blog. Geez, I've lost my mind again! Check one site and all of a sudden I'm checking them all, uploading photos, tweeting, Facebooking, looking through Etsy, looking through MCC, going back to twaitter and getting mad cause it's not tweeting any of the messages, go back to etsy, fan some people on Facebook, then I'm like, oh, blogger's open.. Oh RIGHT I was actually writing something!

How I get anything done is beyond me. Really.

Okay well since I just took a 45 minute break into LaLa Land, I've run out of steam for blogging! Alright all my lovelies, I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday! (I just discovered it was Wednesday actually. I thought it was still Tuesday!) And I promise to keep you updated more often this week! Although it's already Wednesday lol. I'm going to try my best to be back here tomorrow! But don't quote me on that. Hey, maybe all my lovelies can have a "Kat pool" as to whether I actually come back when I say I do! lol. Could be a good way for some of you to make some extra cash!

Bye for now! Off to drink more coffee and probably talk about poop!


Bethany Dirksen said...

Love the owl! Very nice to have an interesting shape instead of just a square or rectangle. Glad you are back!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Kat, congratulations on the magazine feature. Way to GO!!! :) I love that owl card...and yes, owls are still quite popular. Your photography makes for some lovely Mother's Day cards. Are they blank inside or do they contain a bit of "sass?" Either way, they are pretty. Glad to see you are back here in blog land! :) Theresa

ANASHD said...

I love the envelopes too!! very unique and the owl card...nice. I've gotten on Craft Corner several times but i'm still exploring...


Jewelry by Tara said...

I wondered where you went! Love the owl card, how the heck did you get it into that perfect shape??? lol Congrats on the mag too, I'll have to go check out their site.


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