Where's my spell check?!

It is so strange looking at a picture of what i'm looking at. But I just wanted to prove one of 2 things. Either that A) There is no spell check, or B) I'm completely blind and very stupid. lol. 

My last post (Where the heck have I been?) I mentioned that I was kinda glad to move my blog to my Website because Blogger doesn't have spell check. Leslie aka CrookedStamper said that it comes standard and there's no way that I don't actually have a spell check. Now, I *used* to have a spell check! But one day, blogger asked me if I wanted to switch formats. I said "OK!". I've never been able to go back, and I don't know where my spell check went. Now, I have to admit, inserting pictures and linking is 10,000 percent easier, which is why I didnt try that hard to go back to the other format. But ya, having to copy and paste my entire post into word and check for spelling mistakes? Gah, that just took forever. 

One thing I am oh so happy about, is the fact that because of trying to show Leslie that I actually had no spell check (or to prove that I'm completely stupid, we'll soon see), I actually learned how to take a screen shot. It is SO EASY! Yet I could never freakin' figure it out! So thank you Leslie! I learned something because of you! :) 

Now, am I stupid?

And just as a friendly reminder, I now have my own website! Visit me at SassmowthDesigns.ca I just made a few changes to make it easier to navigate and I'd love some feedback :)


Where the heck have I been!?

lol, that reminds me of a Family Guy episode with Chris.. "I DON'T EVEN KNOW!" lol. Anyways!

So, some of you may have completely forgotton who I even am! I sure have! I feel horrible for not keeping up with the blog, and with my lovelies. I've even neglected my EtsyBloggers, so I'm going to have to beg for forgiveness (when I find the time! lol yeesh)

So what have I been doing? Well, it started when I got a custom order that took up so much of my time I was throwing up my pizza. Yes, I was stressed. The custom order SO wasn't worth it, but atleast I learned from it, right? At the same time of this custom order, I got an email from a store asking if I would be interested on selling my cards there! How exciting! So, took the trip to Toronto, reserved my space, and I had to make a ton of inventory! But I was still doing my custom order! Oh right, and I had a magazine article due the same time. It was a bad 3 weeks. Because just when I thought I was getting ahead, my custom order guy said "oh hey, can I get 20 more cards?" There went my inventory for the store! And I had to make even more. That's what started it all. BUT, 58 cards and a magazine "Clay Pot Wind Chime How-to" later, I was able to rest. And by rest I mean pass out for a few days. Well, a tad more than a few days ;)

Since then what have I been doing? Reorganizing. Planning. Cleaning. Fine tuning. Working on a logo/brand. Registered my business. (yay me!). Registered my domain name, and started up my own website. (Yay me even more!)

So my friends, this means my blog is changing locations! I may write on here every once in a while just for shits and giggles, but my official blog/website is now:


Woohoo!! So clicky on there and RSS me! Cause I dont have a follow box :( BUT I have many cool things like a Gallery, Links (where I link you to all the cool peeps!) my shop pages, and so many more things that I haven't figured out how to use yet! :)

I will miss my usual blogger bloggyness, but I won't miss the no spell check on here. Seriously. Who thinks I can spell?!

I hope you all enjoy my new adventure on my own website!! Please leave me comments over there - I have no clue if it's good at all lol. I'm desperate for some feedback! :)

See you soon my lovelies!