Added more photos, and other exciting news!


Okay adding more photos technically isn't *that* exciting, but it kinda is, since it's been a week since i've added any. I've been toying with the idea of creating a whole new shop (well not "whole new" since it will be called Sassmowth Photography! heh) but it seems like alotta work lol. I know i eventually will, but i'm going to need to put more of my non-photographical products up first so that i don't leave my original shop with nothing to choose from! So, i started again adding photos to my original shop, and will have to keep doing so until i have more product.

Wheel Barrow BW -8x12

Speaking of more product, i have alot on the go! I'm still working on the beading scarf (needed a break from beading, the bending over the small table i use was starting to kill my back!) i've crocheted 3 pairs of fingerless gloves that i still need to add a little "skull-bling" to.. hey i can all that sking! I need to add sking to 3 pairs of gloves. And i have about 5 new fingerless glove pattern ideas in my head that i need to get outta there soon or i'll forget them. But i'm sick of having too many not-fully-completes in my basket, so i really need to finish some other projects before i head onto new ones! I have yet to take pics of all my new gloves, (and all my new scarves, and blankets and the list goes on!) but i'll get to all that eventually. Right now i'm a little sick of using my camera since i've taken pics of the photos for sale in mattes and frames, and all that good stuff, plus i used it alot on Saturday when i met THE SOUP NAZI!! HA! Even got a pic of him where he wrote "Kat - NO SOUP FOR YOU" how hilarious is that. I'm so framing that and putting it in my kitchen!

Smurf Village Mushrooms BW - 8x10

In other news, I met a great fellow etsy artisan on the chats last night! Tanya from Flauxers! Definitely check out her blog here, and here you can see all her amazing products for sale on her etsy site! I hafta say, her fake flower accessories are so good, that when i saw her photos of them for sale, i thought she was a fellow flower photographer! But no, those were just her product shots! She also was helping me out with tons of advice, which is always *greatly* appreciated! And thanks to Tanya, I will very very soon start up a contest on my blog and facebook for a free giveaway!! Stay tuned, because it will start this week!!

Rose of Sharon Pink 1 - 8x10

Aw geez, just read that last paragraph and noticed all the !!!!'s in it! I swear i sometimes do those more often then these .... For crying out loud. Sorry to everyone that that annoys! hehe.

Alright, time to go write a blog on my other blog, and then i'll probably get back to either more fingerless gloves, a baby blanket, beading, drawing Christmas cards, or photographing something!

Have a great day everyone! I'll update again soon!

The beading is coming along

So, since I mentioned the scarf in yesterdays blog post... was it yesterday? My days are all messed up since my hubby was on nights and i found myself staying up all night in fear i wouldn't hear the alarm at 4am to go pick him up! Anyhoo, the last blog post mentioned the beading i've been doing, and today i took the pics. I'm relatively new to beading on crochet items (not new to beading and not new to crochet, but the mix of the 2.. ya, that's new!) But i thought this scarf needed to be dressed up a little bit. Add some bling! It's a gorgeous yarn (and an expensive one!) and i felt the yarn deserved some special attention! Check out the pics of the beading in progress - i'd love any comments (good ones OR bad ones - don't worry, i can take it!) And i'm also planning on doing a bit of a beaded fringe on each end of the scarf... Good idea?! Or bad one?!

(for all the pics of this scarf in progress, check out my facebook fan page! Sassmowth Designs On Etsy - and don't forget to be a fan! All fans get 10% off all items on my shop, and pretty soon i'll be starting contests where all fans are eligible to receive free merchandise!!)

I had a good question about it the other day, like, hey, how big is it?! Well, it's 68 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide. So it's perfect to wear as just an accessory to sass up any outfit wrapped around once, or wrap it around your neck a few times on those chilly fall days!

In other news, i'm contemplating printing my Christmas cards myself. I was hoping to go to a printer and get a bunch done, but i dunno. Can't afford to do large orders, and if i print them, cut them, and stick 'em, i can pretty them up as i see fit. Who knows. I still have to head on down to 3 printers next week to get pricing, and then i'll make my final decision!

I was on the etsy chats today and some fellow etsyers were discusing how they re list items often to stay on top of the searches. I know it doesn't cost much to list or re list an item, but i can see it getting pretty pricey after awhile and not sure if it's something i should be doing! Do any of you re list often, and does it help?

Another thing i've been toying with is splitting into 2 shops - SassmowthDesigns and SassmowthPhotography. I still have 12 photos to list, have 3 albums full of photos that i still have to consider listing, so many shots i want to take, and it just seems like my photography is taking up so much space that when i do add more of my other items they'll not even get seen. I have 2 sections other than photography right now which is SassmowthCrochet and SassmowthGoGreen, but i still need a section for original art, art prints, custom art for kids, seasonal items, and greeting cards. Things i also do but think i won't bother putting up on etsy are tshirt design and jewelery making - there's so many etsyers who make jewelery, and a large percentage of those are one heck of alot better than me! Plus, with so many other projects on the go, i needed to cut some out! (hmm.. maybe thats why i'm beading on my crochet!)

Oy, too many things to think about! And not enough money to consider most! Problem is, since i desperately need money, i should be getting a full time job, but if i had a full time job i couldn't make anything to sell! Sucks big time. BUT i have just enough money to get all my supplies and anything else i need, so let's hope i have some sales soon! :) Wish me luck!

I made a sale! Woohoo!

Smurf Village Black and White - 8x10 Fine Art Photograph.

I'm very excited. And my husband is annoyed because I keep telling him I made a sale. I've done this atleast 6 times now. Yes, if you happen to check out my etsy shop, you'd see i've made 4 in total, so you may wonder why the heck i'm so excited about this particular sale? Well, because it WASN'T FAMILY that bought it! Now, I'm completely 100% appreciative of my family who purchased my wares, I really couldn't thank them enough. They've gotten "my name in the books" so to speak, because being a brand new seller with no purchases or feedback makes people hesitant to buy from you. Which is completely understandable. How can you know you'd trust the person? But on the other hand, it really flippin' sucks, 'cause if you've had no purchases because no one will buy from a newbie, how are you ever supposed to get purchases? So yes, incredibly appreciative of my fam! They got the ball rolling for me, and now other people can say "Hey, she's gotten positive feedback, i'll buy from her!"

I have to say though it's also helped a lot going into the etsy chats. At first i was hesitant to do it, because i didn't know what to expect. And my very first time going in there i felt like the new kid in school sitting in the corner with no one paying attention to me. I'd say something, no one would respond. All they did was talk about going grocery shopping and eating too much cheese. But the second and third time, i ended up meeting a heck of a lot of great people, and started having lots of fun. I've even gotten fans! I'm up to 21 "hearts" on my etsy site, 7 followers on this blog (my regular blog only had 9, and it was 60% family and friends!) and i'm up to 29 fans on my facebook fan site. It's pretty exciting! And i've also done my part of helping out fellow newbies by being the first purchaser from a young girl who makes jewelery. It wasn't particularly something i wanted, or needed, but i can definitely use it as a gift, it was only 6 bucks, and now a newbie has a purchase that she was incredibly excited about.

So far i've only had one bad experience on the etsy chats. And it's not like this person was outright mean (being mean in a public chat on etsy will get you booted) but y'know how you just get a vibe from someone that they're purposely doing things and saying things to make a point like "i'm not even going to look at your site"? This guy was a fellow photographer, onna those who boasts about how many galleries he's been in and how great and professional he is. It just seemed like he's the type that looks down on others, thinking he's so much better than them. I for one am supportive to other people. I'll help someone else out, i'll give suggestions, i'll answer questions, even if they're my direct competition in selling the same crafts i'm doing. But this guy's sitting in the "Featured Seller" chat room, and while i'm being featured (my products only being posted by other chatters to feature my shop) he's putting up his photographs, and since they were the same subject (flowers) it was hard to tell that it wasn't actually mine going up. Ass. Ah well, what can ya do? Y'know what I can do? Sell more damn photos than him! I made a sale today after all. I can sell more.

But forget about that dickwad, because he's a waste of time! I've met far more people that have only been great on the chats. And i'd like to mention one of them in particular, because as a fellow photographer, she's just starting up like myself, and her photos are fantastic! Love them all, but alas, (and this is another thing we have in common) our husbands don't give us a big enough allowance to purchase things. :) But please check out Rebecca's blog - Car Farm Creations . You won't be disappointed! She's a fellow Canadian, and i'm all about supporting Canadian arts! And if you don't support either of us, we've hashed out a plan where we're coming around to all your houses, pulling out hammers, smashing holes in the walls and then saying "Hey.. I have a perfect solution for all these holes... why don't you check out my photos for sale!"

Ah, that still makes me laugh! Anyhoo, in other news, i've finally started the bead work on my italiany yarned scarf! And what took me so long to do so you ask? Well, even though i have 3 buckets of beads, none of them were the colours i needed. (apparently when i was going through my biggest "bead phase" a few years back, i didn't purchase any turquoise or blue beads.) So, i went out to where my hubby works with his discount card in hand, and got myself some really nice glass beads! So then i began my attempt at putting the thread through the tiniest holed needle in the world and ya. That didn't happen. Despite trying for 2 hours and almost breaking the needle. Even crying didn't help! So, i hadda make that trip right back to the store, and buy myself a needle threader. I didn't really have the 6.50 to spare, but i ain't gonna be makin' money by crying and pleading with needle holes.

I'd put pics up of the beading i've been doing, but alas, i forgot to plug in the battery for my camera. So you'll all have to wait kids! Yes, i know you'll all be sitting there with baited breath for me to post a pic of a string of beads. But for now, i'll post a pic of my Smurf Village, the pic i sold today!! I should go, but, i'll leave you with an interesting story. Some of you may have noticed my avatar on Etsy. It's my pic i drew of Wendel Clark quite a few years back. Well, i've changed my avatar. Apparently there were people who thought i was a guy! And y'know, that makes so much sense, because sometimes it seemed like there were girls who thought i was creepy when i said i was following them on either blogs, facebook or etsy! Huh... I was the creepy guy. Anyhoo, i'm a nice pretty daisy now! So no need to get freaked out. :)

Have a great night everyone! I'm going back to not sleeping since my hubby is working overnights. (Now don't make too much fun of me like his boss Bill did "oooooooh someone can't sleeeeep without their husbaaaaaaand at home? Pooooor baaabyyy!!"... ass. hehe) it's actually the dog's fault. He's a whiney bitch ALL night without his "Precious". Oy. Hey! Maybe it's my husbands RANK feet smell which actually knocks the dog out and *thats* why he actually sleeps through the night! Oooh, now i get it.


Busy Bee

I've just spent much too long on the phone and searching the web! I'm currently looking for a printing company that will print greeting cards for my Christmas card stock. (very excited about these!!) Ashley at Vireo is also planning on doing cards this year, so hopefully with both of us printing some, maybe a company can cut us some sort of deal.

Problems with a lot of companies are they only do long runs (minimum 500 cards of one style) because they do plates for the cards. While this is a great thing if i knew i'd sell a lot, I don't have that much spare moola if ya know what i mean. So far i've found a couple that do short run digital prints, and i'm going in to see one guy after August 31st with a few of my samples so we can discuss options.

Hopefully it all pans out! I need some monies!

In other news, i got an inquiry for a possible custom order of one of my Poppy pictures. They want a reeeallly big one! So i quoted prices and let her know there's alot more poppy prints i haven't put up yet if she wants to see those as well. Cause the shipping will stay the same if there's more prints being shipped, so it'll be a bit of a dealski. Let's hope she still wants it! I need a sale! :)

Off i go, finally got my beads today to do some bead work on the italianed-yarn scarf i did!

Have a great day kids!

Gettin' a little organized

Ya so my craftroom is a big pile of poo. (yes i know i said i'd delete "poo" themed stories from my crafting blog, but sometimes ya just gotta say poo) I have so many crafts in here, it's unbelievable. And it's been hard to organize the room in such a way that it's possible to have "sections".

I have the drafting table, the sewing table (which i have yet to use my brand spanking new sewing machine! that would be because i haven't found the time to get needles and thread for it, or uh, fabric. And hmm.. i also have to learn how to sew! Right!) i have numerous shelving units, and cabinets, and drawers, but there's still more stuff than space! Between tote after tote of yarn, and canvas everywhere, and portfolios and tripods and stuffing and shipping supplies and lets not forget the avon supplies! Yeesh, i finally got that in control.

So yes, went to a nifty store (and believe me i could have spent all day in there) called Storage Solutions or something of the like. I got stackable bins for the avon supplies (the free samples, the product for sale, stuff like that) and a large tote to hold all my finished crochet projects, and some books and totes to hold the photography for sale. So i've been pretty busy! I still have a long way to go though! But atleast it's a start. It's much easier to be creative in a room where you're not constantly looking around thinking "where the hell am i gonna put that thing?!"

Well, i'm not taking pics of this mess in progress, so i'll just leave you with another photo that i haven't yet put up on etsy.

Wheelbarrow 8x12

Works in progress

So, one of the many things I have on the go is a decorative scarf. The end result will have bead work on it as well. This is onna those things that i hope it's worth making! I always bought my yarn at Michaels arts and crafts because hey, i get a discount. And i figured, this is pretty much all the yarn that's out there, right? WRONG! My husband insisted i check out Spun Fibre Arts, so i thought, alright. Might find some cool new yarns. I went into shock as soon as i walked into the store. None of the yarns there would be found at a place like Michaels. There were kinds i've never seen, never heard of. All it of was incredible! The quality of it was amazing, unlike i've ever seen! (but of course, so were the prices!) I fell in love with this store, but it made me cry at the same time because at 10, 20, 30, 150 dollars a ball, there was no way i'd be able to afford to stock up on this stuff! The Friar insisted i buy atleast a few balls of yarn, and he'd fit the bill. Aww ain't that sweet. So, this scarf is made from 2 of those balls! It's call Filati Fantasia Mondrian 100% cotton from Italy. It took me quite a few weeks to decide what to make with it, because this isn't just any old yarn. I just hope I made the right choice!

You may wonder what the juice container in the picture is there for! Well, it perfectly fits my yarn, and with the yarn end coming out the juice pourin' hole, it's great for keeping any dust/pet hair outta the yarn - because even though i crochet in a pet free room, once in a while one of those bugger hairs embark on a "great escape - freedom in craft room land" adventure. Thanks yarn lady at Spun! That was a fantastic idea!

So if anyone has any comments on my scarf, whether it be i made the wrong choice as to what i did with the expensive yarn, or you think it's cute and can't wait to see it with the eventual bead work, please let me know! I'd love the input!

Off to crochet some more. Have a fantabulous day everyone!

Edited the photos

So, i'm absolutely exhausted. I just spent i don't know how many hours editing the flower photos listed on etsy. During a "virtual lab" where my public shop is critiqued, it was suggested that i show the listed photos in mattes or frames to give a better idea of sizing as well as what that particular photo would look like once matted or framed. I then took a pic of each one in a white matte and another in a dark frame, and uploaded it all to my listings. It was also suggested that i use more tags so people could find me easier.

Now that it's all done, i'm beat! Too much time spent on the computer for me. While i was at it, i uploaded 4 more photos for sale, and posted them to facebook as well to my Sassmowth Designs on Etsy fan page. (all facebook fans receive a 10% discount on all my products!)

Here are some of the photos for sale including the 4 new ones:

Daisy 8x10 (you may recognize this one from my header!)

Poppy 8x10

TigerLily 8x10

Rose of Sharon White 8x10

Tiger Lily 8x10
(this photo is one of my faves!) I took it between the lattice fence near the driveway.

Okay, off to do some more tweaking on one of my many sites!

The new Blog

Okay so, since i've been meeting so many people from etsy, and getting involved in the "community", i've noticed a lot of fellow etsy artisans have blogs as well. But theirs aren't filled with diabetes, dog poop and troubles with tribbles! So i figured, why the heck not have a blog *just* for my crafts? Good idea i think! So, here i will update and post new crafts i've done and talk about crafting mishaps, ideas, bad ideas, and my adventures of running a business!

Hopefully it goes well! I'll be back tomorrow (and i will be this time! Promise!) to update with photos of things i have already done, and updates on how my shop is doing! And i have to learn to stop using so many of these dang things --> !!!!! because apparently in my first draft of my etsy announcement, that's all i used. I guess i was excited!

So everyone, welcome to my new blog! Of course you can always still visit me at my original one for humourous insights on my mad cap life.

And here's one of my new photos for you all to enjoy. Smurf Village 8x10 Fine Art Photograph.

I was very tempted to grab my smurf figurines and place them around the town!